Classics are classics.  Hard to describe what they are, but when we see a “classic” we all know.  Beautiful cars need car coating to protect their shine.  Wax is not a possibility as it slowly eats away at the polish and wax, leaving the car paint dull.  Sierra Glow knows how to restore a car’s … More Classics

Let It Rain

Let it Rain is a short video highlighting Sierra Glows extraordinary and specially engineered car coating.  This coating blows away the industrial standards for purity by achieving the amazing level of 98.5% purity.  No one comes close to this achievement in the car coating industry.  This means we don’t need multiple layers to achieve thickness … More Let It Rain


  Achieving a “mirror” finish before applying the car coating is the goal of every competent and professional car detailer.  However, few achieve   it.  The reason isn’t difficult to understand as in any trade craft, there are two requirements:  the best tools and great technique.  SierraGlow has both.  Our sifu car detailers have years of … More Reflection