Polishers and tools: Our Trade Secrets

Our Polishers: Compact Tools

This article describes how the polishing equipment and compounds that are unique to Sierraglow.  Our gear action polisher from Compact Tools really do a wonderful job as they are able to gentle nurse the car’s clear coat back to health.  By eliminating rough spots, reducing scratches and swirls and provide a high gloss finish, these polishers are described in detail.  This article also describes the wools and sponges Sierraglow uses.

Don’t ever let a rotary polisher touch your car.  These type of  polishers  cause havoc and destruction to you car paint. Even one quick polish and your paint will have visible and long lasting, if not permanent, swirls.  Why are rotary polishers so bad?

First, they go in one direction at fast speeds.  The pad cause friction and this friction heats up the paint.  With the paint hot, it is more easily damaged.  The swirls become embedded into the heated paint.  You can even have the paint bubble from the heat if you are not careful, but generally, the worst that will happen is SWIRL MARKS!

compact tool polisher

Gear Action orbital polishers are just great for car paint.  First, they don’t go in one direction, so swirls are not created.  Second, because they don’t go in one direction, the paint will not get super heated from using.  No excess heat, no embedded swirl marks.  We also like the gear action as we can precisely cut the thinnest layer of the clear coat to smoothen the surface and eliminate those pesky minor surface scratches that cut down on paint shine.  with these eliminated, the car paint is properly prepared for our glass coating.

If you EVER have a situation where a rotary polisher is going to touch your car paint surface, please STOP.  Damage is guaranteed the result.  Always select a car detailer who knows not to use a rotary polisher.

We need the polish to be gentle, foremost gentle.  Sure, it may not last as long and it is more expensive, but it buffs out swirls and small scratches really well AND it puts on a great shine.  It brings the paint to life. Many of our customers will comment that their car “NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD.”  

Of course, “it never looked so good!”  When you buy your car, the sell almost never has time to buff it to life when the car is manufactured, it isn’t buffed.  It shines, no doubt, but we put on a SHINE.  There is a real difference….and it comes because we use dual action polishers and real lamb’s wool.

Japan Sponge

To really raise the luster and to get the paint to be dazzle, we need to rotate our softest polish on top of the car paint.  The soft and gentle gear action spin raises the shine to even greater heights.

The key to getting the paint to really reflect light is to use a polish specially designed to bring out the luster.  But this special polish can only achieve its fantastic results unless a soft, softer than air sponge is used.  That is why our sponges are obtained only from Japan.

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