Welcome…this is our homepage.  Sierraglow is a car detailing company like no other.
We don’t create a lot of BS about how great we are and how our car coating products are better than best.

horse carriage We instead will show you what we do and explain how we do it. .

Wax and Polish are from the Horse and Buggy Days! Don’t wax

Wax and polish if you really don’t like your car.  They are not only old fashion, but wax and polish below in the trash can of history.  I mean, they are good for the shoes and the furniture (and for the saddle) but they don’t belong on your car paint.  Why?

Wax and polish become soft, wet and sticky like butter when on the top of the metal car under the sun.  This sticky goo absorbs all the dirt, grime and grit that the environment can throw at it.  When you wash the car, microscopic particles are rubbed around and small cuts and swirls are left in your clear coat.  Over several washes and waxes, your clear coat and your paint will suffer more and more cuts, swirls and abrasions.  These let in the UV light onto your paint, and more grit and grime floats into the pores and scratch marks.  More washing and waxing, more damage.  In less than a year, real damage is done.  And, the damage is even double when you go to a car wash where they use dirty rags or machines that buff your car paint.  Yuk! Paint is finished.

The solution to this is glass coating.  Glass coating is hard and dry, and water as well as dirt won’t stick.  Water will bead and run off, and because of this, the dirt and grit doesn’t stick to the car paint.  Wash your car often, and after each wash, the paint shines as there is no damage.  First lesson, use Sierraglow.

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