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Car Paint Enemies

This article will help you with three main car paint problems: water marks, sap and minor scratches.  All
three of these are big problems for car paint thru damage to the clear coat.  If you park your car outside during the day under the hot sun, water marks and sap become enemies to be on the look out for.  One can’t leave rain water on top of your car under the sun…or water marks will be the result.  If you park under trees, sap can drop down or bird poop can ploop on your car…these can cause more damage than water.  And, scratches from fingers, car doors or other acts of carelessness, scratches can occur. All this occurs to the clear coat first…then if it becomes deeper will damage the car paint. Washing your car with a dirty cloth (please, two bucket washing only) or washing at your local car wash becomes the primary source of car paint scratches and swirls.  Here, you will find out howwater marks 2 to deal with each problem.  I have referenced key articles that you can click on for even greater knowledge on how to deal with each of these problems.  Enjoy and learn.

First, some basic advertising.  All of these problems are less of an issue if you have Sierraglow car coating on your car.  Why?   Our car coating binds on top of your paint and clear coat to give another layer of protection.  The extra layer is hard and strong, and gives you extra help when dealing with water marks, sap and scratches.  Even Sierraglow car coating will not eliminate the potential for these problems, but Sierraglow will make these problems much harder to arise in the first place.  But there is not any car coating in the world that can allow rain droplets to sit on top of your car paint day after day after day and not cause a water mark.  There is not any car coating in the world that is immune to a dirty washing cloth….scratches will occur if the washer is not careful with his cloth or buffer.

Many car coating companies and even wax companies may claim that your car is even immune for stone chips…but they are just trying to get your business with a lie…these problems don’t ever go away….If you believe that your car coating will prevent a chip or a water mark, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you


Water Marks cause incredible damage to car paint.  What causes them….acidic water or acid rain is the main cause.  The acid rain lands on your car, and the dust particle and acidic water dries up.  But the particles remain causing a small ring where the water was.  When the sun shines on this and the metal heats up to high temperatures, the remaining residue leaves a mark.  This mark can be light and superficial (Type 1) or if left for awhile the mark can etch deep into the clear coat and even into the paint (type 3)

Water Marks are the main enemy of car paint in the world.  Car paint seems to bewater marks fighting a losing war with water marks. The increase in water mark attacks and water mark terror has been caused by pollution, industrialization and climate change.  For example,  those living anywhere near a cement factory, water marks are a REAL problem.  But, you don’t need to live next to a cement factory to have a problem.  Obviously for those who keep their car outside, water marks are more common.  Those that have a garage or car park for their car, then water marks are less of a problem.

The real key to preventing water marks is constant vigilance in NOT LETTING WATER SIT ON TOP OF YOUR CAR UNDER THE SUN.  Water marks can form even without the help of the sun, but these marks tend to stay as type 1 problems.  After a rain, you need to give your car a quick wash and dry.  Letting water sit (no matter what your car paint protection is) is dangerous.

This is a lovely photo of beaded watecropped-cropped-raindrops_car_winnipeg_mb1.jpgr on your car.  The beads are sitting up nice and pretty on top of the blue car.  But within each bead are impurities and chemicals and when the water dries up the chemicals and impurities are left on top of your car.  These bad things can eat into your clear coat and “etch” the paint.  So pretty to look at, but please wipe them off your car at the first opportunity to protect your car.

Best article, an in depth article about water marks recently appear in AutoGeeks. Good idea to read the whole article…Here  AutoGeeks.

Next UP…SAP and Bird Poo

Park under a tree and there is a possibility of tree sap or bird poo dropping on your car.  If it isn’t wiped off immediately (which is likely since you are in the mall, office or house), sap will dry into a sticky, gooey and hard bloob and bird poo will (being acidic) will start to eat and “etch” into your clear coat.  The  harden sap often can not be plucked off easily.  Yeah, of course you could use a knife or sandpaper and take it off, but at what damage to your car’s paint. And bird poo, if allowed to sit more than 24 hours will start to burn your paint.

Bird poo sits on your car paint and dries up as in this photo.  But, as it dtree sap 2ries it will chemically burn into your paint, leave a mark.  This mark damages either the clear coat or even burns into the car’s paint. Either way, damage is done! But what is worse, is the etched mark will continue to attract weather elements (water, dirt, dust, particles, chemicals) and this accumulation will further damage your car.  After a year, you have a real disaster on your hands.

bird droppings2

bird droppings 1

Tree Saptree sap

Tree Sap is a sticky, gooey problem for car paint.  Tree sap has to be dealt with carefully and quickly or real damage WILL take place.  The biggest problem with tree sap is that it sticks to your car paint and it is difficult to remove.  It is like a drop of glue on top of your car.

tree sap1

How to remove it with damaging your car.  Go to this article from Wikihow to learn several methods to get rid of tree sap. WikiHow

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