What is Clear Coat?

No, it isn’t a rain coat. The very top layer of car paint is a thin layer of clear coat.  This clear coat is incredible important to protect the car’s paint but also to allow the car paint to shine. However, the clear coat is easily damaged.
clearcoat graphicsThe clear coat is very, very thin.Your fingernail is enough to scratch it (look around your door handles).

Even washing your car can damage the clear coat.  Using a dirty cloth when washing will leave marks.These marks are a problem as dirt and grit from daily driving will sit in them.  When we wash, the marks become bigger.  And, when we wax or polish, large swirls and even deeper marks are the result.  These marks are often covered up with the wax, but when the wax goes, the swirls and surface scratches remain.
Not only can you see the marks and swirls, but these marks dull the reflectiveness and the shiclear coat 1ne of the car.  In no time, a few years a most, your car loses it shine and will start to oxidize.  Oxidation occurs from UV light seeps in past the clear coat and reduces the reflection of the paint.  Notice all the older cars that used to be white (now gray) or red (now pink) or black (now dull) driving on the roads.

If you don’t protect the clear coat, this is what will happen to your car.  It is only a matter of time, one to three years later you car just will not have the shine.

The solution to this is simple, protect the clear coat.  Not with wax or polish as this harms the clear coat, but with a glass coating.  And since this is your “baby” choose the best car coating,  Sierraglow.

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