Car Coating is Hydrophobic


The word hydrophobic is Latin for “afraid of water.”

The word has become a buzzword in the car detailing word as a fancy way to say that you car paint does absorb water, but repels it.  With good hydrophobic properties, one will see water beading or just running off your car. It is considered to be very good for the water not to stick to the car paint but run off.  The more the water remains on top of the car paint, the more the water can and will do damage to the car paint.

What is that damage?

Water is not good for paint especially if the paint has surface cuts or scratches.  Then the water can leak through the clear coat into the paint and even tough the metal.  We all know that water and metal are not good together, rust is the result of that.  So, getting the water to not settle on top of the car paint or in cracks in the clear coat, but rather to quickly run off is one of the goals in today’s car detailing.

pattern of rain drops on hood of car

Malaysia is a tropical country, so rain and sun (heat) are the main weather elements in every day events.  When it rains in Malaysia, it is tropical, that is, intense.  The clouds burst and rain comes down in buckets.  We seldom get a little drizzle, but rather, a full on monsoon storm.  The downpours can last up to an hour, and we all know the intensity of these storms.

In modern car detailing, we are looking at how best to get the water to run off the car.  When one waxes or polishes their car, they will get beading and some run off, as remember, water and oil don’t mix and wax and polishes are mainly made up of oil.  But what happens when this oil washes off or get dirty, the water then sticks or is absorbed into the oil.  Actually when the wax is only a month old, one can see that the water doesn’t drain off like it did before AND the water doesn’t bead very well.  The wax is no longer working so well.

The best hydrophobic treatment program today for car paint is car coating, and the SG-5 car coating by Sierraglow is rated between 95-98% pure silica…this means that you can not find any car coating anywhere that is more pure, and hence extreme in its hydrophobic properties than car coating o fSierraglow.

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