Blue Flame Treatment

Sierraglow specialises in glass coating.  This is our focus, that is, to protect your car paint from the ravages of superhot tropics of Malaysian weather and harsh environment and to create the car paint conditions that it will shine.  No one does it better.  Now with our exclusively Blue Flame Treatment, we provide even greater protection and a fantastic wet look shine.

blue flame 4
Supercharged Silica flown out in Flame
blue flame kit 5
Blue Flame Calibrator throws supercharged silica.

Blue Flame is the latest car detailing technology from Japan. Our Blue Flame Calibrator throws out supercharged nano particles of primer silicia.  This heated silicia fills in the porous gaps and micro-crevices to make your paint so smooth that water sheeting is the result once the whole treatment process is over. Also, this supercharged and heated silica puts a thin layer on top of the clear coat so that our glass coating permanently binds and adheres to clear coat. This layer of silica also has the advantage of given the car shine the heavily desired “wet look.”  An finally, the Blue Flame Treatment enhances the “water sheeting” effect.

Yes, it is a flame on your delicate car paint, but don’t get the wrong idea.  The nano particles of the silica are being supercharged in the Blue Flame, but the blue flame is not going to burn your car.  If the flame stayed in the same place for 10 or 15 seconds…that is ONE SPOT, you would see a burn.  But, as our Sifu Specialists know to keep the flame head moving so a two to three inch wave of silica is gently laid down on top of the car paint.  Take a look of Blue Flame burning a hand….not an issue as the silica is only supercharged, not the hand (or paint).

Catch a look at short video on water sheeting.

We are located in USJ, Penang and Johor Bahru.  We also have services available in Singapore.  So, we are convenient for most Malaysians.

Our work on your car can’t be rushed, as each car needs to be properly prepared to receive our glass coating.  Many shops shortcut this vital step, but not Sierraglow.  On average your car will need about 4 – 5 hours at our shop.  Most of the time spent on your car will be in the preparation of the car paint surface, so that it can receive the glass coating. We have many methods and polishes to bring out the best in your car paint surface.  You may not know this, but this process of preparing the car paint surface is where Sierraglow excels.  We have 6 different polishing compounds in our arsenal.  We often use a mixture of these compounds to even bring out a richer shine.rain drops

We are a unique company as we are the inventor and the manufacturer of the compounds and the glass coating.  In fact, we are always improving our products so we can deliver the latest and best service to you.  Our inventor, Mr. Sato, is diligently testing and retesting products to improve shine.  Because we are the inventor and the manufacturer, we can provide you the best products at an incredibly low price as we have now wholesales or distributors.

We are especially proud of our BLue Flame Treatment program.  This is world class and offered exclusively by Sierraglow.  Take advantage of this treatment as it gives your car the best paint protection available anywhere with the terrific deep, wet shine.