Why Sierraglow?

SG singapore photo cars n logoA lot of car detailing companies will toot their horn as “the best of the best.”  At Sierraglow, we aren’t any different in our attempt to give multiple reasons why you should chose us.  We could say,  we were one of the first, we started our business in 2007, we have applied our car coating on over 10,000 cars, etc.   Our accomplishments since opening at long, detailed and impressive.  Take a look:

choose us                                                glassglow_tag

  1. We are the inventor and manufacturer of our products. (Hence, no middlemen, distributors or wholesalers)
  2. We are the only car coating business in Malaysia with Blue Flame.
  3. We were the first to offer the 5 year guarantee.
  4. We are famous for our after care service. (check the car forums).
  5. We really teach you how to take care of your car after treatment.
  6. We tell you the truth about our car coating (“nothing protects from stone chips”).
  7. We are constantly upgrading and improving car coating products.
  8. We use exclusively Japanese products. (polishers, polish, applicators, coating, clay bars, etc.)
  9. We take the time (and energy) to REALLY prepare your car paint surface before car coating.
  10. We are not side tracked with 10 different business, we specialize exclusively on car coat shine!.

Many car coating companies promise the moon.  They claim they have 8 layers or their coating is 9H or 12 H….Sorry, you won’t find Sierraglow doing this.  We promise you exceptional shine, a 5 year guarantee on that shine, and great after care service.  Check the forums, our reputations actually SAYS IT ALL!

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