Organic isn’t Always Better

If one is eating vegetables, fruit or meat…organic is way, way better.  No chemicals, farm raised, no pesticides, no antibiotics, just natural like in your parents or grandparents time.  Our society is loaded with these organic_producechemicals…to the point of utter ridiculousness.  Men developing large breasts comes to mind.

A whole new industry has sprung up providing citizens with the organic choice.  This is good, no, it is great!  Sierraglow loves organic, farm grown, free range, no pesticide, no antibiotic, clean food.  We don’t even like GMO food (but that is another story)….But, organic is not good when it comes to car coating.  Let me explain.

The difference between organic food and organic car coat is chemicals and carbon.  Inorganic has no carbon, and this is the scientific meaning of substances that are inorganic.  Inorganic would mean “not having a living structure” and containing “no carbon.”  Both are important characteristics of car coating, as if it has just a little organic substance, then it would have a living structure and carbon.  This would mean that the chemical applied as clear coat (organic) would react and interact with the environment.  So, if bird poo lands on your car, there would be an interaction.  If acid rain lay on your car, the rain would interact with the chemicals faster and more profoundly than inorganic car coating would.

So, that is why we like organic for food, but don’t like organic for car coating chemicals.  So, how do I know if the car coating company is providing organic or inorganic car coating.  They would look the say, no?

Yes, they would look the same, smell the same, and taste the same (don’t do this!!!). So, how do I know I am getting the best car coating (inorganic).  Ask some questions?

  1. Is the car coating organic or inorganic?  If they don’t know the answer, it most probably organic.
  2. How long is the guarantee?  1 or 2 years…definitely organic
  3. Do I need to bring back for “touch up,” recoating.”  It is definitely organic
  4. Do I need to wash it every week/month with their “special shampoo.?”  It is definitely organic
  5. Do I need a special “conditioner?”  Definitely organic
  6. Do they call the chemical something other than car coat or glass coat?  Most likely organic.
  7. Is there any “maintaining” schedule?  It is organic.

Sierraglow doesn’t waste its time into looking at the competition and what exactly they are doing.  We hear from some of our customers about company x or company y requiring “conditioning shampoos” or “service visits.”  At Sierraglow we don’t have to require this…we know our product will last and last and last, but we always tell our customers, any issue with our work or your car shine, bring it back to us and we will see what needs to be done.

We do know that our car coat is extremely unusual.  Only a  few factories on earth can achieve this “inorganic” level for their car coating, and it is not only complex to achieve it, it isn’t cheap.  Besides the formula for the car coat (ours has a patent), one must HEAT the chemicals in a huge oven to actually burn off all the living organisms in the chemicals.  The temperature must achieve 1,000 degrees celsius to burn off all the excess carbon.  Then, the car coat is truly inorganic.  Seriously, who would go to this extra step, extra costs to make their product inorganic.  We do, we really don’t know anyone else who does.

We do know that inorganic is the best for car coating, and we know that organic car coating is temporary, at best.

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