Let’s Do the Math

mathDon’t waste your money.  Even though your Dad taught you how to use wax, and you have been polishing and waxing for years….it is a big waste of money.  Car coating at Sierraglow is the way to go.  Let’s us do the math for you.

Before we get into math, one really needs to appreciate that polishing and waxing will quickly damage your car.  I once had a KIA Carnival, and a polishing company set up in a nearby mall and offered 6 polishes for RM 450.00 (the price back then).  I did the math and thought, hey, this is better than paying RM 150 x 6, or RM 900.00 So, ok, deal done.  After the 6 polishes, I had no clear coat left and loads of swirls etched into the paint.  If it wasn’t waxed, the car looked a mess.  Car paint destroyed!

Those that polish and wax will have this result in time…as high speed buffers slowly (but surely) take off a thin, thin layer of clear coat every time.  The clear coat is what protects the paint, and it is so thin and so easily damaged.  Bird poo can eat through your clear coat in 24 hours….so how thin is that.  How can the clear coat with stand buffing and buffing and buffing.

At Sierraglow we buff.  But, we use gear action orbital polishers.  These expensive but special polishers for cars don’t swirl, but rotate…and the orbital rotation will not create the heat common with rotary polishers used in most car washes/polishing companies.  At Sierraglow, we don’t use these as our job is to gently massage the clear coat back to health, remove all the contaminants, smoothen any imperfections AND make the car paint SHINE.  Gear action polishers do this….(read the post about this).

So, the modern solution to car paint protection and shine is car coating.  There are many types in the market, but Sierraglow has the reputation.  We guarantee our work for 5 years.  Check out the forums and blogs that write about our work (also posted here).

Now, the math. calculator

Why pay RM 100, RM 200 or RM300 for someone to polish your car.  First, the wax won’t last.  2 month?, if lucky.  So you need to do again…another RM 200, gone!  At Sierraglow, prices for the smallest, smallest car starts at RM 750.00  (Larger cars obviously cost more.)  So, if you are spending RM 150 for polish and wax…and you should do this 4 times a year…you are spending RM 600 a year…at the end of 5 years, your car will be destroyed and will have cost you RM 3,000.  Wow, not a good ROI (return on investment).

At Sierraglow, yes you spend some money up front, but wow, you will save easily RM 2000…and your car will still look great.  We see many of our customers when they sell their car, asking for a higher price as they point out, that their paint finish has been protected by Sierraglow.

Come to our workshop either in Penang, Johor or USJ for an estimate and a look.

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