Car Coating Maintenance: Washing Your Car

We love to tell our customers that all you have to do to protect your car coating by Sierraglow is to Wash regularly.  While this is true, there are ways to wash and ways NOT TO wash.  Also, you do need to be aware of bird poo and tree sap and tar and other crap that can land on your car.  Most need to be wash off quickly.  But, generally, all you need to do to keep your car beading and shining is to wash.  But, as in most aspects of modern life, it is more complicated than just washing.

We have to wash correctly.  I have posted early on the two bucket approach.  This post you may also want to review or look at if you haven’t seen it.  I am posting Chris Fix’s video on his top ten car wash mistakes…but it is important to learn his Number 1 mistake:

  1. taking your car to the car wash.  soapy car

Sure, if you have an old second hand car that you don’t really car about…go ahead, go to the nearby car wash.  But, if you have a nice car….Don’t go there!  Do it yourself.

No good will come from taking your car to the local car wash.  I was discussing this issue this morning with our Sifu, Mr. Choong…and he told me that frankly that there isn’t a car wash in PJ he would recommend.  Wow!  Blanket rejection.

He says that he always tells our customers to get their own microfibre and give it to the car wash people to uses.  This cuts down on the errors/mistakes/swirls but doesn’t eliminate them.

Why are car washing so bad?  First, they are a volume business…they have to do your car fast.  Speed is everything.  So, to slowly wash the cloth, inspect it for dirt, gentle snap it to remove dust, grit from the cloth…they can’t be bothered.  If you look at their operation, most don’t even have one bucket and forget about 2.  They simple use one cloth…dampen your car and wash….never once cleaning their cloth.  Most don’t even have microfibre.

So, rule number one, if you care about your car, don’t go to a car wash.

But, we haven’t been to them all. Maybe we are wrong.  Let us know if you have a car wash you are happy with and actually do a good job.  I used one for awhile behind Damansara Intan…I would give it a 6 or 7….but never an 8.  Let us know and we will look the shop over.  Let’s see if we can find a car wash that actually washes and cleans your car without swirls and marks.  I am hoping one or more of you have a place that I can take my car.  But, until I find one, I love my car and my Sierraglow car coating enough to just do the wash myself.

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