Car Coating: Happiness is a Weekly Event

Driving away from the Dealership in a brand new car.  Now, that’s happiness.  How about having that feeling every week?  This happens when you have your car treated with Blue Flame by Sierraglow.  Yeap, everytime you wash you car, the shine is fantastic, the water beading beautiful and the self cleaning properties of our famous water sheeting reduces your need to even wash your car.  Wow…it is almost like having happiness in a bottle.

There is another happiness: driving in the rain.  Yeap, now I have the Sierraglow bug bad, and I have to admit that I am addicted to seeing these balls of water bouncing (actually dancing) on the car hood.  I made up an excuse in my head once to take my car out in the rain just to see the “lotus effect.” I also have SierraBead on my windscreen…so the balls of water are dancing everywhere….and I don’t have to use my wipers, so I can really see the dancing balls of water.

Being proud of my car, the shine and the water beading lotus effect gives me great pleasure.  Looking at most other cars at mall parking or park on the street, I can feel sorry for these guys.  There car is nice except for  the shine…There isn’t any.  Dull paint means dull person.  You are what you drive.

So if you want to be happy, get that spring back into your step…try Blue Flame by Sierraglow. The spring is good for many, many years…and happiness.

Want to know why the balls fly off your car and What are these words we keep throwing around…”lotus effect.” water sheeting,” “hydrophobic” and water beading.  I have put together 6 short videos to show you.  They are only a few seconds long, but they demonstrate lotus effect to hydrophobia quite well. Take a look.




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