How do they paint your car?

Painting a car is an expensive part of the making of the car.  The special paints used are expensive, the robotics used are not cheap and the whole process can take hours and hours.  And, you must always have inspectors that go over the car with their eagle eyes and “sensitive hands.”

About 20 gallons of paint can be used on an average sized cars.  This includes several layers of base or primer coats.  Then the spray paints that give the car the color…and then the clear coat to bring out the shine.  Depending on the climate, the paint will be good (still remain shining an luminous for 3 to 5 years.  In Arizona, USA the UV light from the intense sun almost guarantees you need new paint in 5 years (unless you have Sierraglow).

car paint 1Respraying as most of us know is expensive and never as good as the original…as the respray often doesn’t include more than one layer, and no clear coat is added (it should be if you are considering respraying). The value of your car is cheaper as everyone assumes it has been in an accident if it has been paint accident



In the US, these are the prices you will face if you respray (in US dollars)

Frost says his prices start at $299 for a basic job, and up to $3,000 for a premium show-car-quality finish, which includes a full wet sand and buff. He adds the base coat clearcoat offerings, which are part of the premium and platinum packages the company offers, start at about $1,200 for the clear coat.

So, what is the point.  Protect, I mean really protect your car paint.  Sierraglow has the famous Blue Flame Treatment program…and this is the best way to ensure your paint shines and lasts.  But, please don’t wax and polish the car as this is the fastest way to ensure that you put microscopic swirls and razor cuts into the clear coat…and these cuts and the grinding in the grit and dust will quickly compromise the clear coat.  Once the clear coat is compromised, you car will not last long.

To protect the clear coat, Sierraglow has SG5, the best in car coating process.

Take a look at these three videos on how complicated and robotic your car painting process has become.  Enjoy




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