Car Coating: If spray paint won’t stick…

You are about to watch something truly amazing.  Don’t try this at home, but if your car happened to be spray painted by some vandals or some careless workers dropped a bucket of paint on your car….no problem if you have the reknown SG5 car coating by Sierraglow.  We would just take off the old spray paint.

What did you say?  Just take off the spray paint.  Well that is exactly what the USJ Sierraglow team did the other day.  The story of showing this is an actual one.  One day one of our customers called our Sifu, Mr. Choong, in hysterics….saying that some workers dropped some paint on his car the evening before.  It now was dry and the white paint on his black car, he would have to respray his whole car.  Mr. Choong said, “don’t do that, it is protected by Sierraglow.”  He knows that if dirt is hard to stick as is bird poo and tree say, a little paint should not be any problem.  Sure enough, with a little solvent he was able to easily remove the dried up paint.

When Mr. Choong told me this story, I had trouble believing it.  A small bet was put on the table…So, he duplicated what he had done on the Sierraglow truck…and now I owe him lunch!

Watch below and see the magic.



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