Car Coating: Tale of 2 Cars

Just look at the two cars, side by side.  Hard not to be impressed with Sierraglow…  It looks like the two cars are of different color, but Hyundai only had offered one shade of red.  The car on the right is no longer red.


I apologize first as I have already posted about this car before.  This Hyundai Coupe is 15 years old and just looks great.  We applied the first generation of Sierraglow (SG1) in 2007.  So, the paint has been protected since then, and even after 8 years, the car is often the best looking car in the parking lot.  It just shines.

Mr. Choong has done some re-grooming, and the washing techinques are always the two bucket wash.  The owner also knows how to use the clay bar.  But, nothing special, basic good care of the car.  The back fender and the passenger door has been resprayed, but nothing special except Sierraglow.  The shine is genuine and the water beading is still good.

When you compare the two cars, ask yourself one question:  Which one will get a higher price when sold?  The difference would be a few thousand ringgit I am sure, so Sierraglow is a great investment!!


This post is to visual show what happens if you use Sierraglow versus the visual evidence of using polish and wax.  Many think waxing is the way to protect your car paint.  Before car coating, car owners used wax.  But, now we have new technology, and Sierraglow has Blue Flame.  Take a look at this shine.


What does a 15 year old car look like without car coating?

The next photos are of a 15 year old Hyundai Coupe.  This car is in bad shape as the owner made the common mistake of polishing and waxing. A picture is worth a thousand words…and in this case, these photos say it all.


Many people have problems in thinking ahead, planning for the future.  Many of us only own a car for a few years and then trade in and buy a new one.  It is simply difficult to plan into the future, and since most of us don’t keep cars for more than a few years, we just polish and wax when our car paint looks flat.


The  right fender has been resprayed, but if you look at the hood, you can see the damage caused by polishing/waxing and the rough Malaysian environment.

At Sierraglow, we stress the importance of washing your car correctly.  Using a neutral PH shampoo is very important, and making sure that your micro cloth is CLEAN.  We recommend the two bucket wash system (see website post).  If you scratch the clear coat with improper washing techniques and you polish/wax, the results are clearly seen above and below this sentence.






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