Car Coating: Water Mark Truths

Embellishing is a common word for exaggerating.  So, the small fish becomes the size of a whale in the hands (or mouth) of a good fisherman story teller.  Embellish, yes and we expect it with the  fisherman.  When it comes to telling the truth about water marks, well, you be the judge.

Our Truth Telling:  Nothing can stop water marks!

Most likely, you won’t here this truth from other car detailers.  When looking over their literature this companies seem to claim all kinds of power, performance and strength that embellish…

steel water marksIf car coating is harder than titanium, than how do water marks occur?  Simply put, water marks are not just simple, little pools of water.  These innocent looking pools of water are filled with all kinds of pollutants, chemicals and acids.  They may have dust from a nearby cement factory, and so, those little friendly droplets of rain on your car are filled with ACID. You should and wouldn’t want to drink it and if you leave these drops on your car (or a plate of steel) etching will occur.  Those living near a cement factory really know what I am talking about, as the rain there is loaded with dust from the cement factory.

And, not just dust, but in the dust is the dreaded Chromium ostrichVI (a known cancer toxin).

The point is simple, dust is in water droplets that land on your car…these droplets and rain pool together.  These pools have harsh, acidic chemicals in them, and when the sun comes out, the pools dry but the chemical ring with “etch” into your paint.

Nothing can stop this, if you do not wash off the rain droplets and water that has pool onto your car.  But, in reality, how can one wipe off their car quickly, immediately, after it rains.  Most of us work, and with deadlines and demands, we simply aren’t free to take the fifteen minutes required. The results will be etching.

Now, back to embellishing.  At Sierraglow, we won’t embellish.  Water marks are common.  Even if you look careful on your windscreen, you will see etching…and this is glass, and glass is much harder than any clear coating made anywhere!  So, if glass gets water marks, your hood and boot will as well.

Sierraglow has an easy solution.  Use our Blue Flame Treatment and our SG5 and water marks are easily cleared when they appear.  Just bring your car in, and we will clear them off. Don’t let water marks sit and sit and sit…real damage WILL occur.

Don’t live in a fantasy word where you believe your car paint is protected from stone chips, bullets, and water marks.  Not a real word.  But, for Sierraglow, water marks are not to be feared, we just deal with them especially if they are fresh.  Wait and let the water mark etch past the car coat, past the clear coat and into the paint…nothing can be done. So bring your car in early, don’t let water marks get deep….

 If you want to understand the science behind water marks…please watch.

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