Still Waxing? Really!

Most car owners polish and wax their cars to generate shine.  This is the traditional process for many.  Every two or three months, take your car in for a wax or do it yourself.  The problem is polishing and waxing cause problems with the clear coat and paint, and over time, the overall appearance deteriorates.swirls

There are many types of waxes in the market and you can find cheap to expensive.  Typically car wax formula consists of carnauba wax along with other beeswax, natural oil and petroleum distillates.  Newer waxes will also contain special resins and polymers to harden the wax.  Waxes can be liquid, paste or spray…but generally paste form is preferred.

Car waxes usually are sticky and tacky.  They also have a low melting point.  Because of this, the wax will wash off in a month or two, and you will need to apply again.  Also, because the wax “wet,” the wax attracts grit, dust and particles to the wax…leaving embedded in the wax small nano particles.  These particles are razon sharp, so when you are washing your car, these particles are being swirled around by your sponge or cloth.  Even if your cloth is clean, swirls and microscopic cuts are the results.wax

 Wax Ingredients

  • Carnauba Wax is from the Brazil Palm Tree.  The wax produces a nice shine, but will not last long, and frequent re-waxing is required.
  • Beeswax is a durable wax found in honeycombs.
  • Natural oils are emollients use to provide added shine and protection, to the paint.
  • Synthetic wax can be created from certain plastics or silicones and is used primarily in auto paint sealants  but produce far less shine.
  • Petroleum distillates are solvents derived from crude oil that make the wax easier to spread and to clean the paint.
  • Resins and polymers are plastic like substances that adhere to the paint surface.

Danger of these products:chemicals danger

One reason that makes car wax and polishers hazardous is due to the active chemical ingredients they contain. Just like the other cleaning agent products, the car polisher and wax are also made from chemical components in order to be efficient. Let’s look at the list of dangers.

Petroleum distillates – these are group of compounds that come from crude oil and are used for solvent purposes. This chemical is responsible in making the distribution of the wax ingredients evenly on the surface of the cars.

Resins and polymers – these are chemicals that are similar to plastic which are responsible in providing the protection on the paint that vehicles have. These active ingredients are also keeping the car safe from dirt, dust, acid wear, and grit.

Teflon – this is another active substance that plays a tremendously significant role in the effectiveness of the car wax since this serve as a paint sealant, which protects the finishing painting of a vehicle.

Remember, these ingredients are put on your car frequently and wash off frequently.  Where do they go?  Most of us have changed our buying habits and become more eco…so we buy biodegradable soap.  Are these biodegradable?  Nope!

How serious a threat?  Just read the warning from this  health warning

Petroleum distillates – these chemicals should not be inhaled or ingested since this will severely affect your body system. This can also cause severe irritation, skin rashes, and dryness to your skin. In order to prevent these horrible things, one must not swallow or inhale this chemical.

The best wax is….sorry, there isn’t one.  No good comes from using wax.  Not good for your car or your health.  You might ask:

What is the alternative?

You might consider several alternatives, but the best car coating is Blue Flame Treatment by Sierraglow.  No mess, no fuss, no more chemicals flushing into our streets and into our drains…and a shine that lasts and last ending the need for polishing and waxing your car.  And best of all, you don’t have to pay for the wax or waste your time doing it several times a year.  Enjoy your holidays!Hammock8




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