How often do you need to wax?

If you lived in the 20th century, the answer would be every 2 or 3 months. If you were asked in the first decade of this century, you would have been told every 2 months.  This would be for the cheaper waxes which have flooded the market.  If you are willing to buy the expensive wax, then you can probably last for 3 months.  More than 3, the wax will wash away from the rain, the car washing and the general attack from our rough Malaysian environment.

But, the real answer or the best answer is NEVER.  That’s right, polishing and waxing are simply not necessary with our new car coating technology. I have written here and here on the short comings of polishing and waxing.  In summary, real damage not may occur but WILL occur to your clear coat if you continue to polish and wax your car.  It is only a matter of time for wax to cause you problems….so, the answer to the often asked question: How often should I wax my car? is NEVER.

Car Coating is the way to go as all you have to do is wash your car.stop habits  And, if you do that properly with two buckets, explained here, you can enjoy a great shine every time you wash.  Wow.  So, break the habit, stop waxing.  Then you never have to ask that silly question again, and you join the 21st century…


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