Affordable Car Coating

Car Coating at Sierraglow isn’t so expensive.  Call around and ask.  We don’t have markup on top of markup, and we don’t try to sell you something you aren’t interested in.  We focus on our sfocus-and-concentrationtrength, car coating.  We don’t reburish your leather seats, we don’t steam clean you engine,  we don’t add more speakers,  and we don’t put tinting on your windows.  We are a car coating company.  This is what we do and by just doing this, we do it better. We focus.

Sierraglow was one of the first companies to bring car coating to Malaysia.  Now there are so many. Many have already closed. You won’t see Sierraglow ads in the newspaper, tv or magazines, and you won’t hear our ads on the radio…we get more than 90%  of our customers from referrals, customers telling their friends.

Just look at our facebook pages: USJJohor Baharu and Penang and look at the number of cars we do everyday.  In reality, we don’t have the time or the space to do all the other tasks other car detailers do.  But, we focus because it is car coating that We ARE REALLY GOOD AT.

Excellent Car Coating is not an easy job.  Just like building a house, it is the car on building the foundation that decides how good the building is.  Likewise, with car coating, the base work, the foundation is the key element.  There can be no shortcuts when taking car of the car foundation, the clear coat.

Great car shine requires the foundation, the clear coat, to be smooth and clear of as many imperfections as possible.  The “clear coat” is the coat of clear paint on top of the paint, and even if new, it is not smooth.  When manufacturing a car, in the painting process, the clear coat will not be seriously buff to smoothen out all the imperfections.  If you look at the clear coat from the side with a magnifying glass, you would be seeing mountains and valleys of imperfections.  It is our job to make the clear coat not just shine, but to make it smooth.

We can spend hours to accomplish this! The technique used is described here.  Buffing is not just important, it is critical.  No matter how good your car coating chemicals are, without the buffing, polishing and shine creation, the chemicals are wasted.  For us at Sierraglow, there is no way to short change our customers with less than perfection.  To have the hydrophobia, the lotus effect and good water beading, we need to buff out all the issues with the clear coat. Perfection is Sierraglow.



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