Acid Rain and Car Paint Problems


Rain does great damage.  Just look at the havoc caused to our roads.  Train and roadhe water splits the road…this is an example of the strength of the rain.  Rain in Malaysia not only cause mass flooding, but also incredible damage to roads.  This we can see on a daily basis as we dodge the holes created by these floods. These potholes are a constant damage, and have you noticed how many more appear during the rainy season.tumblr_m9bultNJBR1rrnn2lo1_500

The rains come down with such force and there is simply no place for the water to go.  That is, the water floods the drains and can’t escape to the streams, rivers and ocean fast enough.  So it builds up and floods the streets and our homes.

But in each rain drop that falls, there are chemicals, toxins and pollutants.  Dependinacid rain graphicsg on your area, the rain can contain a minimal amount to an overwhelming amount of pollutants.  If you live near a factory that emits pollutants, then the rain water falling will contain these pollutants. But, because of wind and sea currents, the jet stream and other forces, pollutants and chemicals can travel great distances.  Look at the Fukushima nuclear disaster and the fall out traveled across the Pacific Ocean.
acid rain car red 1 Car owners know about water marks.  They see them develop, and the appearance can be quick (24 hours) and based on the strength of the chemicals in the water, the effect can be severe quickly.  If the water marks are allowed  to sit on the car, even more damage will quickly be the results.  Within a year, your car can look like this.

acid rain blue

acid rain 2

With a couple of years, your car could look like this.  This is the damage caused by acid rain and other chemicals and pollutants in rain water. Dangerous and damaging!



Although rains in Malaysia are not melting umbrellas, the effects should not be underestimated. In fact, with the recent haze situation caused by massive fires in Indonesia, the rain surely picked up the smoke and the acidic chemicals contained in the smoke.  This acid rain fell on us and continues to fall on us.

The point to this post is simple, rain can be dangerous to your car paint.  After a rain, you should inspect your car and be ready to wash off the rain as it will contain acidic elements. Cars need to be washed often, and even though it has rained, there are strong chemicals that will dry and “etch” into your paint.  You need to get this off.

Also, you really need to protect your clear coat and paint not with wax but car coat.  This gives you protection to your car paint and clear coat…a car coat is what can save your car paint, so call Sierraglow and make your appointment, as Sierraglow offers car coating at affordable prices, and you simply can’t afford not to have car coat on your car.

For those who  want to learn more about acid rain and the eco problems caused, I have included two videos for you.  One is funny.


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