Car Detailing Explained (Part 2)

This second post will explain the importance of paint being buffed correctly.  Surprisingly, many car detailers still struggle with this most important step.  And, buffing should not be left to the weekend DIY project  or the buffing novice.  But, even before we get to the buffing, there are some steps necessary to start the process.

But before buffing, your car has to be really washed.  How to wash your car has been explained here, but this post is to explain professional car detailing, so the wash is only mentioned as a critical first step.  Two purposes follow: 1. all the contaminants, pollutants and general crap need to be washed off.  This then allows the car detailer to really examine and assess the car paint and general condition.  2. swirls and scratches (minor and major) will be marked and assessed.  These water marks and other paint imperfections can be noted and marked.

There may be other issues such as orange peel or tree sap that needs to be examined and assessed.  All of the assessing is to grade the blemish and to determine the right way the issue will be ATTACKED.  The principle here is critically important: the minimum amount of aggressive attack will be used first, that is, detailers have many way to go after a paint blemish, but the minimum aggressiveness is tried first.  This is the “Golden Rule” for car detailers.

In the deep wash, a clay bar will be used to lift off the embedded pollutants that grinds into paint and clear coat.  The clear coat, even on a new car, will have imperfections.  The wash, the clay bar and then the buffing are all  about  trying restore the clear coat to a better than original shine.  One good example of this restoration is oxidation.  Oxidation occurs to the clear coat (and in severe cases) to the paint.  If your shine is dull, most likely this is caused by oxidation.  Oxidation is caused by the sun’s UV rays that causes the paint to oxidize.  This isn’t the only problem with car paint, but in older cars it is the most common.

Many make the mistake that car detailing and paint restoration is only for older cars.  While true, older cars really need car detailing, new cars do as well.  The bumps, dips, imperfections in new paint are plainly seen with a microscope.  Car manufacturers just can’t spend the several hours needed to detail your car prior to it being sent to the car dealers.  They simply can’t afford the time and the money, and only car experts are going to notice the imperfections anyway.  But, the car paint issues are still issues that will cause increasing aggravations down the road…6 months to a year, the imperfections are made worse by the harsh environment that cars live and drive in.

The solution, car detailing…In Part 3, I will write in detail not only the car detailing polishing/buffing process ,but also will provide interesting information on Sierraglow’s secret weapon…our 6 polishing compounds.  Yes, we have 6 as not all paint is the say…Come back and read Part 3, next paint shine




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