Oxidation is Your Enemy

Oxidation is your car paint’s enemy.  It can attack when your car is sleeping  or wide awake on the open road.  Oxidation works quickly when you have a car paint blemish.  Just like when your skin has a cut or a boil, damage from infection can result.  When your car paint has a blemish, a cut, a  teaultra-shiny-bmwr, a wound, a pimple, a rough patch, a stone chip, a hairline fracture, a burn (well, you get the idea), oxidation will be the result, guaranteed. Unlike your own body, your car paint has no real defenses EXCEPT car coating. The best way for this BMW to stay like this….car coating by Sierra Glow!!!

The damage below the cut can be rude and quick or can be slow and methodological.   Think of these blemish like a cancer…your car paint has 3 to 6 months to live….or may last for 2.  With surgery, radiation and chemo…well, you might heal the problem.  The point is this: a car paint blemish is big trouble and your car needs production.  This post describes the technical causes of oxidation and what you can do about it

Techno Babble:

Oxidation, any oxidechemical reaction in which an atom of an element loses one or more of its electrons to an atom of a different element.

Familiar examples of oxidation include the burning of coal, which is rapid oxidation; and the rusting of iron, which is slow oxidation.oxide 1

The element whose atoms lose electrons during oxidation is said to be oxidized. The other element, whose atoms gain electrons, is called the oxidizing agent. The oxidizing agent is said to be reduced, and the process of gaining electrons is called reduction. Oxidation and reduction always occur simultaneously, and therefore chemists often use the term oxidation-reduction (or redox) when referring to this type of reaction.

If you really don’t know what oxidation is  let’s look at some car paint oxidation examples….

Pretty bad cases are used for demonstration and information purposes, but the reality is that most cars who owners use wax and polish will end up like this…5, 10 or in 15 years.  It is inevitable if one uses wax.  Each time you wax, you are covering a car paint blemish, but you are not solving the problem.  You put a band aid or plaster on the problem, but water, grit, soot, sun, acid rain…all sneak under the band aid and continue to aggravate the problem.

At Sierra Glow, we really don’t like waxing your car.  As it only covers up the underlying problems that are going on with your car.  You need to be able to see the blemishes and not do anything that compromises the integrity of the car paint.  Polishing and Waxing, by definition, interfere with the integrity of the car paint as at minimum, the car paint is slowly warn down by the abrasive rubbing required in the process.  Want your car paint to last, and to shine, and prevent oxidation, car coating by Sierra Glow is your best solution.

Other benefits of our car coating besides eliminating the oxidation process:  you will see water sheeting, lotus effect and hydrophobia…but really all you want is SHINE.  And shine is what you will get with Sierra Glow.



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