Car Detailing:You are Your Car!

It is just amazing how some guys walk around with such great clothes, fantastic shoes, even stylish hat…but drive a dull, lifeless looking car.  Yeah, I am talking to you.

My mother always insisted that my shoes be polished (and my underwear clean).  She was really insistent on this.  She said shiny shoes state how much you care about yourself.  Dirty shoes are worn by people who don’t care.  Mom said, “son, always care.”

For women, I think the equivalent is the purse or handbag.  Those that our scruffy, just aren’t taken out in public.    A handbag that is dirleather bagty or ripped are either repaired, left in the closet or used for storage….

One more exampleleather couch, please bear with me, so I can really make this point.  We just wouldn’t ask our guest to come to our house and sit on our leather couch… Yuk, what animals, vermin and insects are under those seats.   This type of couch is for the flop house, drug house or boy’s fraternity house.

What does furniture, hand bags and shoes have to do with car detailing?  Everything. You are what you drive…

The car detailing business is growing leaps and bounds year after year because of the notion, what you drive is who you are…or something like that. In the US, car detailing is a $ 9 billion USD business a year.   Scratched and banged up cars…dead beat person?  This is fairly common thinking among the younger generation.

So, many of us are really taking care of our cars.  I have been trying to do a study of various Asian cultures and how well they take care of their cars.  The Thais seem to be pretty fanatical about their cars…just look at the chrome and lights on a Thai Toot-Toot.  Now, compare that with a Malaysian taxi.  But, when traveling in Jakarta, Bangkok or in KL…I see well maintained cars and lots of dirty, shabby, dull cars.  Not sure who is more aware of my mom’s thinking:  you are what you drive.

The “you are what you drive” thought is not about money, bling or status.  It is in taking care of the basics.  Like how much does polishing your shoes take…pennies will do.  Shoes don’t have to be 4 figures to be clean, neat and stylish.   Here is how to repair a broken down shoe…doesn’t cost much.  The point of the below video is to demonstrated that good looking old shoes are within everyone’s budget…

Leather seats also can be repaired by professionals or DIY.  If DIY, it is a lot cheaper.  Watch this and learn how…

The saying: “A stitch in time saves nine” is profoundly true whtires before and afteren it comes to car detailing.  Making your car tires look good…it isn’t hard, just you need to focus on it.  Just like polishing shoes, car tires should look clean and nice.  Look at the difference.

One just has to notice and take the time to clean up the tires, seats, scratches, water marks and wash you car once a week.

But, what to do with the paint.  Paint gets dull and loses life and shine really quickly.  The acid in the rain, the pollutants that cover the paint and the grit, grime and dirt sticks on top.  Because you car builds up all kinds of static charge as it knifes through the air, the positive charges attract all the negative charged dirt, grime and grit.  That is why the pollutants need to be washed off regularly.

Now, for the finale.  Sierra Glow is the car detailing experts for car paint in Malaysia.  No one does it better.  Our professional Paint Restoration Engineers are more knowledgeable and trained.  And, with our Blue Flame Treatment, we have the latest technique to really solve clear coat and paint issues because we take the time to PREPARE the car paint surface for the Blue Flame.  The real kicker is that we focus exclusively on the paint and glass.  That is what we do.  We leave the leather work, the carpet and other car detailing issues to others, so we can concentrate on making your car paint shine.  Because we focus on this, we have mastered the art of paint restoration.  It is simple: No one does it better.

Bring your car in for a free evaluation.



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