Car Detailing starts with buffing…

Sierra Glow is really good at perfecting car paint’s finish. We smooth it down and bring out the shine to the point where it is a mirror finish. Swirls can easily be seen (caused by 4 waxes done by some low-life polishing creeps), and Sierra Glow crews gets them out…they are now gone. How do we do this? Some of our work is top secret, but I can share that we have 6 different polishing compoundPhotos…so we have the right compounds for solve the paint problem. We also have gear action polishers…these are a key component of our work, as it attacks the problem without creating excessive heat. Heat above 65 degrees is a no-no, and only the gear action polisher is able to perform an orbital buff with low heat. Ok, now some of our secrets are out.
There are not a lot of car detailers who can eliminate swirls like Sierra Glow.  The big difference is that even though you can see that the swirls are only serious on the right side (we have polished the left).  The mess on the right was on the Photoleft, but our crew was able to take care of this. Now the swirls on the right are in stark contrast to the mirror finish on the left.  Good job, boys!
You can clearly see the reflection of the Sierra Glow red sign and the two clouds on the left of the photo.  Fantastic reflection…all created by a fantastic professional crew that can make your car paint pop.  Yeah, pop.

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