Sierra Glow does “Buff” Better

Great Car Coating is the  final outcome of the work at Sierra Glow.  But, before we get to call our car coat “Great” we have to buff the car paint to a mirror – finish shine.  Even a new car will not really have a mirror finish shine.  Often we find minor to major blemishes on new car paint.  Before Sierra Glow puts on the car coating, we must put on a shine that is blinding!

To do this is no easy task.  It has taken us a long time to perfect our work.  Our polishers are highly trained and the best in Penang.  But, they have some help.  Two important trade secrets are:

Sierra Glow only uses Gear Action Orbital Polishers by Compact Tools.  These polishers are far from ordinary.  They buff at a speed and in a motion that will not overheat the car paint.  This is important for two reasons.  One, if the car paint gets to hot, many problems can be the result…especially the burn and the wave.  These are permanent marks made into the paint.  Also we will not get the dreaded “halo” that many of the amateur car wax companies create for car owners.  These halos are awful.  Second, because the heat is low, we are able to work gently on the blemish while we do no damage to the clear coat.  Many car detailers rev up their rotary polisher and create halos, excess heat and wipe off the clear coat.  This is NOT the way to car detail.  At Sierra Glow we have the best in polishers.

Second, we have great compounds.  Actually we have 6 different compounds and we even sometimes blend two or three of our compounds to make a special formula.  Why six?  Paint comes in various hardness.  Yes, some paint like on the Proton are quite soft, so a abrasive polish would be terrible and give really bad results.  Other car paints like the BMW has a harder paint.  So, we match what we need to do with the type of paint we are dealing with…a use the correct polish.  And, of course, as we are almost finish and we want to really buff out the mirror finish, we have to use one of our finishing compounds.

That’s why I always say that polishing is an art and a science.  But, you need even more than that, you need “feel.”  It is really amazing how much our professionals use their hands and their sensitive fingers to measure the smoothness and the gloss.  They can feel when they have achieved success. Really.

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