Car Detailing: Identifying the problem

Car paint can have a lot of problems.  From water marks to swirls, from orange peel to blistering, there are literally hundreds of issues Sierra Glow faces in our car detailing business.  We see all kinds of car paint issues.  The most common blemishes are two: water marks and swirls.  This post will focus on swirls.

What are swirls?  These are marks made either by a rotary polisher, sponge, cloth when either washing or waxing your car.  If there is a small (even microscopic particle) on your cloth or sponge, it can be sharp and actual cut the clear cur.  If you have made a circular motion, you will leave a swirl.  If you are waxing or polishing your car, you often make circular motions to buff to to make the paint shine.  What happens when their is a gritty particle embedded in the cloth.

Most swirls are caused by polishing or waxing your car.  Yes, damage is happening at an incredible rate in car wash business in Malaysia.  The washers are not well trained, they don’t use two buckets to wash…they don’t understand the importance of washing from top to bottom.  They use dirty cloths.  I have even seen these car washers wash the wheels and then proceed to wash the hood of the car.  What a disaster!

I use to go to a car wash place at Hartamas in KL.  Wow, Don’t go there.  My car had so many swirls after just a few washings.

The key to dealing with swirls is the ability to identify them, to actually see them.  Seeing swirls is not easy, it is a learned skill.  A bright lift or sun is important for beginners.  With a bright light or the sun, you can move your head in angle that puts the sun or the light directly as a reflection on the paint.  By looking at the edge of this light, you can see the swirl.

If you have swirls, get rid of them as these are razor thin cuts promote oxidation and discolouration.  These cuts have opened your clear coat and your paint to COMPROMISE.  This means, the paint problem can grow and become increasingly serious.

If you would like to learn how to identify the swirls, to see them clearly, watch the video.

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