Waxing is so yesterday…

Basic logic and rational thinking are not always easy especially when history, culture or outhouse1habits are involved.  More importantly, many stay in the dark because they simply don’t know.  When cars replaced horse drawn carriages, there were many who rejected the car.  Too noisy and dangerous when compared to the known safety of the horse.  Many of these people didn’t jump on the “car bandwagon” for many, many years even after Henry Ford began mass production.

When electricity was invented and the light bulb started lighting homes, there were many who simply rejected this invention.  They preferred the candle light.  When home furnaces replaced pot belly stoves for heating a home, many said no.  And even when indoor plumbing came replacing the well and the outdoor toilet, believe me, many were not quick to accept.

The notion candlelight one would reject these 19 and 20 century developments seem absurd and outright silly today.  Who would want to go outside to use the toilet?  To make my point more modern, who would like to use a slide rule or an abacus when you have a calculator or a computer.

When it comes to you car, are you really still waxing?  Maybe more than 95%  or even more of all car owners still wax.  Is it because they don’t know about car coating?  or Is it that they are following in the history, culture and habits taught to them by their parents.  Car paint must be waxed, right?   Many believe: there is no alternative to wax…wax is it!!!

At Sierra Glow, we meet a lot of our first time customers who only recently learned or heard about car coating.  When they explored this, they discovered that Sierra Glow has a lot of favorable reviews and our prices seemed more reasonable.  But, they had only heard about Sierra Glow and car coating quite recently (within the year).  So, it is obvious to us that we have a lot of work to do to explain what car coating is and why you shouldn’t wax or polish.

Car Coating is cheaper, last longer (5 years), protects your car paint and clear coat and is environmentally friendly.

Expensive:Wax and polish can cost between RM 200 and 400 per wax.  I have atoilet money friend who confided in me that she recently paid RM 900 for a polish and wax.  Really? I still can’t believe that.  But wax only last 2 to 3 months…so you do the math.  5 years, one time fee compared to wax charges x 4 (per year) x 5 years.  Doesn’t make economic sense.Wax if you want to waste your money….

No Real Protection:  Wax really offers no real protection against water marks, UV rays and oxidation or bird poo.  It is wax not a protective, hard covering.  So, even though it shines, it will not protect your clear coat. Also, since most wax companies will IMG_0061“buff” your car before applying, there is actual damage to the sensitive and thin layer of clear coat each time a polish with machine polisher are used.  Be careful about wax companies using these polishers in the process of waxing your car…damage and swirls are often the result.  The photo shows swirls left on this blue car caused by waxing only 4 times!  These scratches or swirls let UV light attack the paint and this will result in oxidation.  Don’t wax.

Environment:  Wax companies play down the fact that their is oil within the wax compounds, and many of the compounds used in wax has negative impact on our environment.  Since we have to repeated wax to have a car maintain its shine, these compounds are entering our eco system.  Make sense to eliminate this…Don’t wax.

There are many reasons why car coating outshines (excuse the pun) waxing and polishing.  But, the proof is your own eyes.  Come to Sierra Glow or spend some time looking at our facebook pages or websites to see what we can do.  It is nothing short of amazing, but to us, it is an everyday event.










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