Car Coating Battle Royale

There icar race 1s a lot of buzz in the car coating industry about multi-layer coating.  Some companies are going all in on this concept that you can improve your car paint protection with not just multi-layers but the coatings extra hardness properties.  You can even select the hardness and the number of layers you want.

At Sierra Glow we don’t promote this way, and we are not a big believer in the multi-multi-multi layer approach to protecting your car paint. Below the Red Peugeot was coated (one time) by Sierra Glow 5 years ago.  Take a look, 5 years down the road, looks better than showroom condition.

My mother taught me (i can never live up to her teachings) that if you can’t say anything good about someone, don’t say anything at all.  So, at Sierra Glow we don’t criticize others.  But, we will talk til the “cows come home” about WHAT WE DO DO!!!

We use one  layer coating.  Our current coating is SG5 and the 5 stands for 5th generation.  Yes, we have been around for awhile.  As the market leader we are always working on our formula to tweak it to make it more suitable to the Asian environment.  As our chemists, Mr. Sato, is the inventor of the car coating material, we are always on the forefront of the latest and best technology.  Our customers don’t have to wait for our new formulas.  For example, our Blue Flame Treatment program is a huge success, and a larger and larger percentage of our customers are now choosing  Blue Flame.  Blue Flame is gathering more and more interest worldwide, and we were the first in Malaysia to use it.  Thank you, Mr. Sato.

Also, we don’t spray the coating on the car.  This is by design as we could spray it on.  But, we want to make sure the coating is smoothly and evenly applied on every inch of your car.  We know we do this as we can see our coating go on.  We also know it is evenly applied, and we avoid the typical problems of a spray.  By coating by hand (sponge) we know our coating is going on evenly and with enough protection.  We don’t want the coating to be too thick, as it would be a waste of money and would form a visible grayish layer of unnecessary coating.  If too much or too thick, your shine can be less radiant. Our coatings are uniform at 5 micron thick…this is very thin, as thick coating does not provide any additional protecting.  Some might think that if i put on one 5 h and one 9 h, I will now have 14 h on my car.  Sorry, it doesn’t work that way

Remember, .Car coating will not stop a bullet, a juvenile delinquent with a key, a stone flying off a cement truck or even watermarks or bird poo (if left too long on your car).  No amount of thickness will prevent that.

Sierra Glow was the first to offer 5 year guarantee in the Malaysian market.  Many thought we were crazy to do this.  But now that we are over 7 years old, it has proven thousands of time to be a great decision.  Cars are not coming in after a Sierra Glow treatment and asking for refunds, more than likely, then return with a new car or a wife’s car requesting Blue Flame.  We couldn’t be happier, and we know our customers are happy too.

In earlier posting i have written extensively about the 5 H, 7 H and 9 H.  A pencil hardness classification hardly helps understanding and a 9 H while good is no defense against a flying stone on an Asian highway.

(Mom, if you are reading this, please note, I didn’t follow your teaching to the letter, but I tried, really tried to talk about what we do and not about our competition.  I hope you are pleased).  No point running down the competition or creating a battle royale, just say what you do and why you do it.  Enough said.  Thanks




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