Car Coating is Sierra Glow

It is amazing how a name defines it all.  It reminds me of the old Johnny Cash song named a “Boy named Sue.”  The song depicted the idea that if you named a boy a “girl’s name” then he would grow up to be tough out of necessity.”  Not sure it has a validity, but the word is filled with advertising companies trying desperately to “brand” a name into everyone’s consciousness so the name or concept sticks. These advertising executives are paid handsomely to puff up the products, and sell you on the idea that their qualities are the best.  If you oversell, so goes the advertising theory, you sell.

In the car coating business there is tremendous confusion as to what it is we do to your car.  Because of the various names different car coating companies use to describe their coating, confusion is heaped on top of confusion.  At Sierra Glow, we call what we do “car coating.”  It is simple and, we hope, our customers and potential customers are not confused.  We simply put a coating on top of your car paint that helps protect your clear coat, your paint and your car value, and our car coat makes your car shine (and, no more waxing, ever!)

Some car coating companies call their coating “glass coating.”   This is understandable as the coating is like a thin layer of glass that sits on top of your car paint.  It is a fairly good description, but at Sierra Glow we stopped using this “glass coating” as it bring confusion to the marketplace.  Because a lot of car detailers and car accessory shops sell glass coating for the windscreen, you can see where the term “glass coating” can bring confusion.  Sierra Glow just says car coating as it is the clearest and most straight forward term that describes our work.

Is glass coating a coating on glass as shown belowglass coating





Or is it a coating for the paint as shown here: nano-3-big




Many other car detailers have gone over the top in their attempt to be big-bad-wolf-huffing-and-puffingcreate the impression that their chemical formula is superior.  We understand why they would want to do this and we don’t criticize.  We have just chosen a different, more simple way to describe our work.  We let our work speak for itself.  We don’t huff and puff.

All car coating is nano or nano-technology, so we don’t feel we have to say this.  While some car coating companies talk about diamonds, titanium, quartz, gloss and many other verbal descriptions, at Sierra Glow we opt for the straight, direct approach to our work.  We coat the car’s paint.  We provide a 5 year warranty, and be give all the technical support you need, so your car will shine and shine and shine.


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