Car Coating: How we became “the best”

Many car coating companies just can’t understand why Sierra Glow is so damn popular.  Maybe they fail to understand the customer and their “baby.” While they tout their coating hardness, market their 15 layers or bang on their finish with lighters and keys while using chemical/science words like nano, titanium, diamond, granite, ceramic and MOHS hardness scale, Sierra Glow never oversells or over promise, we just deliver.

We will not tell you that our coating will stop a speeding bullet or stand up to a juvenile with a key.  We don’t tell you this because it simply isn’t true.  We don’t tell you that the coating will protect even against the dreaded watermark, because again, it will not.  No coating on the planet will.  Whether it is a key or a stone flying off the back of a lorry, you car coat from xxxx company (fill in the blank) WILL NOT escape damage.  It is simple physics, a stone traveling at x speed hits a car travel in the opposite direction at 100 kph will not be a tap but a knock out. At Sierra Glow, no false promises, no bombastic and unimaginable craziness. Only the facts and the truth.

So, how do we continue to be number 1 car coating company in Malaysia?  The answer to our success is of course a superior product, but our superior car coating has to be matched with fantastic and intensive labour in PREPARING your car for the coating.  This is where you need professionals who not only know what they are doing, but also the company must have the right values.  The right values include taking the time to really prepare the car to receive the car coating.  If you shortchange this, the 10 critical steps to prepare your car, the car coat just can’t really do the job it was designed to do.  Makes sense.

This video explains our 10 steps to a mirror sharp finish.

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