Malaysia: We got your back

Ok, we get it.  You have a great car.  You have entrusted your great car to Sierra Glow to bring out a razor sharp, mirror finish and a car coating that we warranty for 5 full years.  You could have chosen XX  car coating company. Heck, you could still be waxing/polishing your car.  You could have decided to do nothing except wash it.  You could have chosen a paint sealant company or even Paint Protection Film.  We understand you had options, but you chose Sierra Glow. Thank you for making the best decision.

Maybe you chose us because we were really the first in the market to offer “inorganic” car coating services in Malaysia.  Maybe you liked our story…starting in USJ in 2007 before anyone knew much about car coating and growing to Malaysia’s No. 1 car coating company. Because we are actually the manufacturer of our Japanese products (car coating, Blue Flame and all the great polishing compounds), we offer our products and services at unbelievable prices as we have no franchise fees, dealership incentives, representatives, importers or wholesalers or any other levels to push up our prices.  No one can offer the quality of products and services at our prices, NOBODY!  We are the only Malaysian company with Blue Flame Treatment Program.

As I have written in other posting (read this), our prices are actually less than waxing and polishing your car…and you prevent the oxidation, swirls and scars that are the direct results of polishing and using wax, year after year.

Whatever your reason for choosing Sierra Glow, we want to thank you.  Sierraimages Glow not only recognizes that you have choices, but also we want you to know that we must  make sure that our service is better than all others.

We know that you want your car look great, and even though there can develop issues along the way, just bring it back in.  We love to see our work, and we really love to take car of your car paint issues.  So many people get a little ding and bring their car back to us…surprise when we touch it up without charge.  We don’t really like to let people know that we do this for free because we just love the look on their face.  They are simply not used to this level of service.  But, actually at Sierra Glow, we are famous for it.  Ask around.

We take care of your car as if it is our car.

We want you to enjoy the look and the shine, and we stand by our commitment to protect your car paint from the elements for 5 whole years.  If you are not happy, please bring in your car so we can assess it and help it.  We like to tell people if you are unhappy with us, tell us.  If you are happy with Sierra Glow, tell others.

You know we really don’t advertise our products and services.  You won’t hear our name on the radio or read it in glossy magazine advertisements.  We don’t want to pass that costs on to you.  What we do want to pass on to you is great products and services that you can trust.  Bring your car in to our JB, Penang or USB branch…and let us do our work.  We take great pride in making your car shine….and shine….and shine.

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