Frustrated: Malaysian Car Wash Blues

I am really agitated and frustrated.  Can’t find a decent car wash!  have two simple requests whebrush washn I wash my car.  These are not complex, actually they are just basic.

  1. Get the car really clean (no soap residue left).
  2. Don’t do any damage (no swirls or marks)

And I am not a fussy type, but I seldom get either.

Look at this photo…washing the roof with a brush…really?

I understand that we all can’t wash our cars ourselves.  Too busy, no place to do it are the two main reasons most of us don’t wash our cars ourselves.  I have written before here about how to wash your car.  But, if you don’t go read this, the main idea is to use two buckets, ph balanced soap (not dish soap or floor cleaner) and wash your cloth often to get rid of the residue and grime and grit that will collect in the micro fibre (don’t use sponges or towels).  After washing, really, really rinse off the soap, and wipe dry with clean cloth. Better to read the post highlighted above.

But we all don’t have the time or place.  So, we have to wash our car so we take it to a car wash.

If you want to punish yourself and your car…go here.mqdefault Slap, slap and another slap.  Don’t expect your car to be very clean or to not suffer.  Yeah, these places are fast and convenient, but run your hand on the paint surface after you wash…feel sticky?

images (31)

In America, we have these kind of do it yourself car washes.  They are not too bad, the soap is a little sticky, but you have a nice spray clean, and if you run it long enough 2 to 3 minutes it does a reasonable job clearing the soap residue. The problem with this car wash it is on a timer so for a good clean you need to soap for 5 minutes…then use cloth and 2 buckets to clean and wipe, then put money in again to wash and rinse off the soap.  So, you need to run it twice, more money.  But, you can do a good job.  Problem with this is that can’t find this in Malaysia.

If you wash here in Malaysia, we use labour.  What is the training or the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) at these places.  Unfortunately, it the SOP is FAST.  So no real cleaning of the cloth.  A lot of suds…even the famous SNOW WASH is everywhere…so soap isn’t a problem….but when they wipe, it is with a cloth (usually not microfibre) and they really rub fast without taking the time to clean the cloth.  What have I seen at the car washes I have gone (usually with regret and only once)?

  1. only one washing cloth and never rinsing/cleaning it
  2. no rinsing car thoroughly before starting wash.images (32)
  3. washing from bottom to top or middle, top, then bottom (yikes, please, top to bottom only)
  4. rinsing soap off with water, then sun dry (soap residue will dry on paint as well)
  5. no microfibre,  towels or a sponge
  6. never using their hands to judge their work

this list goes on and on.

You sclean-car-windoweldom see this…a clean microfibre cloth.




And after washing, before you drive away, take a real good look.  If you have the experience I have, you will probably see something like this.  Now, please hold on, this is for illustration, it is never this bad, but faint swirls can be seen.  Next wash, a few more, and so on until the end of the year, you might have something like THIS.

I ask all readers of this…if you have found a great car wash, that does it right, can you please let us know.  I will investigate and if your recommendation is correct, I can drive tons of business to this car wash…as so many of us are looking for a great wash.  Thanks in advance.


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