Car Coating Wins “The Logic”

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In this world there is a beautiful gift we have.  We call it logic!  We solve so many problems on a daily (even hourly) basis using the gift of logic.  We can save money, time and even avoid disaster with logic.  One way we can do all of these is to use LOGIC and choose to car coat your car. Let me explain.

The clear coat is the layer on top of your car paint. Almost all cars have this clear coat.  It is delicate and can scratch easily.  You see the swirls left after polishing, waxing or washing…these swirls are scratches to the clear coat and these swirls compromise the integrity of the clear coat.  They are the first wave attack to the clear coat, and in time they will be victorious.  Your clear coat will be defeated as it is only a matter of time.

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The elements attacking your clear coat are multiple and constant.  This makes protecting your clear coat not only a necessity but also your priority.  Want the car to shine in 3 years…protect the clear coat.  The attack can come from rain (acid rain).  The attack can come from sending it to a car wash that works fast and doesn’t clean the cloth (or uses sponges).  The attack could come from bird poo…yuk (wipe off with water quickly). Tree sap is another killer of clear coat.

images (43) Another likely attack is from polishing your car.  Yep, using rotary polishers will take off a thin layer and thus weaken your clear coat.  Bam!  Clear coat becomes compromised…and after several polishes, your clear coat becomes really thin. After two or three years, the sun starts to get through the clear coat or what’s left of it, and now you have a real problem: oxidation.  The UV rays from the sun will spoil a car faster than you can say “Jack Robinson.”images (2)

Many car enthusiasts are protecting the clear coat with a plastic wrap.  This is one way, but not the best way. Plastic wraps are expensive and can be damaged with a stone chip or a fender bender…then expensive repair. But, to me the real problem with these plastic wraps is that your paint just doesn’t shine any more.  The thick wrap cuts reflection, and will never enhance it.  Enhancing the reflection, the shine is the purpose of the clear coat.  Not, with the plastic wrap, the shine is negated.

Is plastic wrap better than waxing?  Probably it is, but where is the shine?  So, let’s go back to logic.

Statements of truth:

  1.  Clear coat must be protected
  2.  Wax doesn’t do the job of protecting the clear coat
  3.   Plastic wrap protects, but paint won’t shine
  4.  Washing, waxing, polishing are potential attacks on clear coat.
  5.  Bird droppings, tree sap and rain (acid rain) are direct attacks on clear coat
  6.  Oxidation will occur when clear coat is compromised.

I don’t think you can argue with the above “truths.”  They are true and observable, and most damning, LOGICAL.

So, how do we protect the clear coat.  This is easiest answer as there is really only one way to do it in the best way: car coating.  Just think about it, You need to protect the clear coat, so how about putting on a thin layer of car coating, glass coating, on top of the clear coat.  Get a scratch on this, no problem, the clear coat is protected.  Get a water mark on top of the clear coat, no problem, just wash or wipe it off.  Get an active bird above your car, spat…no problem, wipe it off the car coat as the clear coat is protected.

Logically, car coating is the best way to protect your clear coat.  And, (wait for it) Sierra Glow not only has the best car coating, we also have Blue Flame.  To capture your shine, our SG5 car coating will do the trick, and the best news, it isn’t expensive.  Call for a quote, you will be amazed.  In fact, our car coating is cheaper than waxing your car.  Faced with this logic, let’s go to Sierra Glow.

One last point: with our car coating, you car just won’t get as dirty.  Your car surface will be so smooth and hydrophobic, you just won’t need to clean it as often.  Logic is wonderful.




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