Car Detailing: Damage Control

Sierra Glow is all about making your car beautiful.  That is what we do.  But, we are also into the protection business, that is car paint protection.  Most car paint is protected by a layer of “clear coat.”  Our car coating is a revolutionary way to help protect the all important clear coat. Actually there is a lot of steps involved in making your car paint beautiful, but in the process of making the paint shine, our final step is to protect the clear coat.

Why is protection so important?

Without the clear coat your paint is exposed to the elements of our attacking environment.  Since the clear coat is not very thick or hard, without protection, it is vulnerable to attacks.  What kind of attacks.  Acid rain, bug splatters, bird poo, tree sap and and UV light can all reek havoc on your car’s clear coat.  Once the clear coat layer is breached, then the paint will quickly deteriorate.

In the west we also have the added attack from salted roads.  During winter and snow storms, city use a massive amount of salt on roads to melt snow and keep roads from freezing.  They use salt and this salt will attack the car’s paint if you don’t quickly wash it off your car.

Photos of attacks:

Salted roads


Bird Poo

Water marks

Tree Sap

And  finally, let’s look at a video on the huge threat of acid rain.


Sierra Glow protects your car’s clear coat, and therefore we protect your investment.  The best news is that your car will shine and look beautiful, year after year after year…and better than that, your car doesn’t need any special treatment, just wash and your car will shine like a new wax.  But, you never have to send your car for a polish and wax again.  Yes, you read that right, no more waxing. Fantastic!!!

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