Twin Enemies: Grit and Grime

Your car shine is attacked by our rough and tough environment every day.  The assault on our skin, buildings, bridges and cars is a daily event.  Add in UV rays, acid rain, bird poo, tree sap and we have a real cocktail of potential disaster to your car shine.  Putting this all together, all the elements, we can boil these multiple of trouble into grit and grime.  Grit is abrasive and grime is oily….and they stick to your car paint, your clear coat in a thin layer of sooty mess.
The problem with grit and grime is that they stick to your car and just rinsing your car with water is essential to start to get the grit and grime off.  Soap is the best solution to it, but this is when we have to be very careful as how and when we wash can radically effect the outcome either in a positive or negative way.
Understanding the difference is important to the outcomes of your wash.
dirt ingrained on the surface of something, especially clothing, a building, or the skin.
dirt, soot, or other filthy matter, especially adhering to or embedded in a surface.  Think oily and sooty.



abrasive1 (1) particles or granules, as of sand or other small, coarse impurities found in the air, food, water, etc.

Think small, sharp, hard, chunky and sandy.


Because of grit and grime that sits on your car surface, one has to really consider how to properly wash your car.  If you just spray on some water and start scrubbing without clearing the grit first….the embedded grit, you will find yourself creating microscopic to visible swirl or marks.  All of these scratches damage your clear coat, but the deeper ones or visible ones are more damaging than the microscopic scratches. All scratches, over time become more serious.  A small scratch now becomes a collection point for the grit and grime that will start attacking your car the day after you finish washing it.

Take a look at the small swirls caused by not clearing the grit from the car BEFORE washing and rubbing with a cloth or sponge (better to use microfibre).

348sThe error is leaving on the grit while you wash of the grime.  Grit has to be cleared.  Before you start moving your soap and water filled microfibre over the car ….please clear the grit from your car. One of the best ways to determine if your car is ready to be washed…that is, you have rinsed off the grit, is to use your hand to softly feel your paint.  When using your wet hand on your wet and rinsed car, your hand should feel “the grit.”  If it does, you have not soaked and rinsed the car surface enough…do it some more until your wet hand feels a relatively smooth car surface.

Another important issue when washing your car…use two buckets.  One for soap and one to really rinse your cloth.  This is really important as your cloth will pick up embedded grime…and this could damage/scratch your car.  To prevent this…rinse your cloth often.

Another tip (an essential washing strategy) wash from top to bottom.  The sides of your car have a lot more grime and grit on it then the top.  If you wash bottom to top, your cloth will carry the grime and grit to the top and your car will suffer from scratch damages. So, never do this.

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