Cosmetics and Car Detailing

4252-woman-wearing-make-up-facebook-coverThe relationship between car coating and the cosmetic industry is tight.  It is tight in two ways, the vocabulary used and the exaggerated claims of many heavyweights of both industries.  Both industries are trying to make your body or car body more beautiful.  We both use similar words like shine, gloss, wet look, smooth, porous, surface layer, impurities, imperfections…oh, the list is endless.

Both industries are attempting to take a body (face or car), and smooth out the imperfections (wrinkles, acne or paint swirls) and also treat the body with a layer of protection.  Many cosmetic products include oils to protect the face and to make it shine; while, car detailers often use wax, wraps or car coating.  Both industries using “buffing” techniques to product a glow or shine.  Both industries are very particular about shampoos and correct washing techniques.  Both are trying hard to clean the body surface (face or car) to lift off and get rid of the impurities.  Embedded dirt that sticks and adheres to the surface must be cleaned and lifted off…and tons of effort are used in preparing or cleaning prior to the protection coat.  Amazing right?

And although the biggest consumer of cosmetics are women (less than 50% men use just one cosmetic product), it is men who are the main drivers of the car detailing business. The good news for both industries is that more and more men are participating and experimenting with cosmetics (especially millennials) and at Sierra Glow we are enjoying the benefit of more and more women car owners buying our Blue Flame.  Perfect.

Another similarity is that the cosmetic and car detailing industries are filled with phony peopScreen-Shot-2015-08-28-at-5.19.12-PMle and bogus company claims.  While wrinkles can be reduced with creams, sorry, they aren’t going to disappear.  And no, no   9 H is going to stop a stone chip. Like most Malaysian men, I have to listen to that ad (almost every morning) about the bald spot and that I should be “very, very afraid.”  When this ad comes on, I just quickly turn the station and move on with my day, as if this was so good why is George Bush (a millionaire) losing his hair. Surely he knows about the protein!

Like all companies, Sierra Glow is aggressive is seeking customers and new clients.  We want your business, and we really want you to tell your friends about us.  But, what we won’t do is pump up our success to the untruthful or unrealistic level.  This isn’t right for the car detailing business nor the cosmetic industry.  We believe, no, we know, the customer is smart and will quickly learn the truth.  This is why we are the No1 car detailer/car coating leader in Malaysia, and this is why 90% of our customers are referrals.


The hair treatment is not going to restore all your hair, and the wrap is going to get water marks and fade.  If your car isn’t washed properly, your white car will turn gray (with or without car coating).  Come in and talk to us…we will tell you the truth.

If you like this approach, let us know.


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