Grime: Cosmetics & Cars

This is a second article regarding the cosmetic industry and the car detailing business.  Both are trying to take care of a surface…face or car body.  Both suffer from our environment and especially pollutants and contaminants. Skin like a car body attract these contaminants…I like to call it GRIME., but there are other words….

filth, muck, soot, crud, film, gook, gunk, smudge, smut, soil and tarnish to name a few.  To see the grime (or whatever you want to call it, look at this Air France airplane

maxresdefault (1)

The plane is no longer white…but a dirty white.  You can see tons of cars on Malaysian roads (especially if they are white) that look just like this.  Yuk.  And, a good wash doesn’t clean them up.


images (46)


This GRIME is everywhere in the air, and cars, trucks and buses are one of the main causes of this grime that floats innocently until the microscopic particles land on your skin, your car on lodge in your lungs.

sooty-diesel-fumesThe problem isn’t one car with a bad engine ring that causes the oil to mix in with the gas in the piston chamber, but rather cars. Lots of cars that choke the highways every morning and evening rush.

I use to drive around on a motorcycle and I wore goggles.  Within an hour of driving around the difference of my face and my eyes was night and day…black was my face.

Have a problem getting the amount of grime and contaminants floating around in our air.  Check out your car air filter or your air conditioning filters.  These need to be checked and cleaned regularly…or your engine will run rough or your AC will not be cold enough.  Take a look at these filters…grime


Grime on a car starts slowly, and you hardly notice.  But if youcar-grime-remover clean it off, then you can really see it.  Take a look at this Land Rover…

Most cars aren’t this serious, but contaminants stick to each other and slowly seep into the paint and stick to each other. They build up.  Why do these contaminants and grime stick to your car and your body?  The answers aren’t as complex as you might image…

The above circles are photos of a car side door that was brought to Sierra Glow recently.  If you look, you can see the black marks (scars) created by the grime that has attached itself to the paint.  Instead of white, the car is gray.  We can clean it up, but it is amazing that within two years, a white car becomes gray with abundant black marks.  How does this happen so fast.

Perhaps it is better to ask, why does it happen so slowly.  Yeah, really, this is the effect of two years.  One thing that brings this on faster and more seriously is poor washing.  Just like your face, don’t give your face a deep scrub…don’t get into the skin and work off the dead skin and pull out the contaminants, your face will pay a price.  Likewise, sloppy washing of your car really brings on the grime fast.  Suppose you leave residue of the shampoo on your car…it isn’t wipe off.  Just image how fast the grime will stick to a car with soap/shampoo residue.

Watch the two videos below of the ladies trying to deep wash their face.  The results of a clean face is clean and vibrant skin.  Likewise, wash your car carefully and thoroughly to prevent the grime buildup.


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