We call it “mirror sharp reflection.”

Although both of these car are clearly “mirror sharp reflection” this is truly the real thing.  Our use of the term “mirror sharp reflection” is an accurate description of the effect that Sierra Glow creates with our car coating technique.  We buff the car paint with special compounds and our unique gear action orbital polishers….until we succeed in reaching our standard (“mirror sharp reflection”).

To achieve the Sierra Glow standards, more than equipment and polishing/buffing compounds are important.  Although you must have great compounds and specific compounds for the job at hand, the tools of our trade has to be put into professional hands.  The job of restoring car paint is highly skilled, and the art of restoring takes years to develop and hone.  Sierra Glow has the most skilled car paint restoration professionals in Malaysia.mirror-light

When we look at our work, and more importantly, when our
customers look at their newly coated car, they see it as perfect.  The standard of “mirror sharp reflection” achieved is 10.  When a car is a 8 or a 9, it is not mirror sharp.

One of the main reasons we highlight our work on our facebook pages is we want our customers to see their cars with the standard “mirror sharp reflection.”

Is it as good as a real, highly polished mirror.  The best answer to this is not Yes or No, but our mirror sharp reflection is different than a real mirror.  The colour of the paint on your car is usually not silver (as in the above cars), but rather black, red, white, green, blue or whatever.  These colours obviously don’t reflect like silver does in a mirror, but our mirror sharp reflection really is sharp.





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