Car Coating: 98.5 Purity Achieved. Wow!

100_4455-copy-1“Into the Weeds’ is an English expression meaning…have a real close and detailed look at something.  One goes into the weeds when you want to find out the details.  Let’s go into the weeds and learn about SG 98.5…the name of the world’s best car coating chemical made by Sierra Glow, our 6th generation car coating.
First, let’s understand the chemical composition of glass coating, Si02. Almost all car coating, ceramic coating, glass coating, quartz coating, whatever you call it IS the chemical formula, Si02.  For those familiar with some chemistry, Si stands for silica and it is surrounded with two molecules of Oxygen. Silica is the main ingredient of glass, so Si02 is geneally known as liquid glass. Our latest achievement is unsurpassed at 98.5% purity.  Sierra Glow not just beats the competitors, we annihilate.
Such purity levels are unheard of in the car coating market, and this achievement makes our car coating dry in minutes once applied.  That is why at Sierra Glow we don’t need infra red, thermal,  UV lights or 4 hours to achieve  drying and hardening.  Those who have less purity will have a longer drying time, lights, heat, fans to assist.
Quick hsio2ardness is important, as there is less danger of contaminants mixing and landing on the car coating and embedding in the car coat. Also, because drying is so fast (within minutes) using SG 98.5, our turn around time is faster. Because of the high purity percentage, hardness is superior. Finally, our purity level results in MORE Si02 being applied.
Deeper into the weeds …what is the other 1.5%?  Flourine is a gas that helps with water beading and hydrophobia and comes from flourite.  Flourite is 24th most common element and was discovered in 1529 and flourine amounts to a $15 billion is sales a year. It is not unusual and you will find it in your toothpaste and thousands of other products.
The third ingredient is a small, small, tiny, tiny drop of emulsion. This emulsion prevents our Si02 from becoming too sticky or tacky.  This emulsion is our manufacturing trade secret, but it is critical to achieving the 98.5% silica component of our car coating. If you smell our coating chemicals there is no solvent or petrochemical smell.  With most other car coating chemicals, because they fail to achieve the purity levels, they need a lot of petrochemical based solvents to keep it in a liquid state and to give body, weight, substance to the chemicals being applied. And obviously if they have a heavy petrochemical solvent smell, the formula cannot be very pure.
Our car coating, SG5, is simply superior.  In a recent test of 10 large international car coating chemicals, we were shocked at the heavy presence of petrochemical solvents.   Ready for the shock….almost all of the car coating tested contained only less than 10% Si02.  Got that…only 10%.  What you are putting on your car is 90% petrochemical solvents and other chemicals and only a small amount is actual  Si02, car coating.
mono-narigudo-nasalis-larvatusCustomers and car coating dealers should pay attention to one factor…the smell. I call it the smell test:  if you smell petrochemical solvent chemical in your car coating, in the
bottle or in  the air…your cascenttest_670r coating lacks purity and, therefore Si02. We notice that many car coating companies use not only heating lights but also large ventilation fans to clear the air of the petrochemical vapours.  Come to Sierra Glow, no heating lights, no ventilation fans, coating is dry in 10 minutes!  These are all evidence of our purity Si02 levels.
One final fact about our SG 98.5.  Many of our competitors will use 20 – 30 cc of their car coating chemicals.  But because the Si02 content is so low, only 1 to 3 grams of Si02 is applied to the surface of the typcial car. Because of our 98.5%, 8  – 10 grams of Si02 will be applied.  This results in better shine, better hydrophobia and much more protection of your clear coat. Because there is more Si02, it lasts longer.
I apologize for  going “into the weeds” but so many of our customers want to know what makes our car coating  superior…now you know.

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