Clear Coat needs SG6

The main goal for all car coating companies is to protect your car’s clear coat.  Many companies will sell the idea that they can protect against stone chips or kids with keys…their claims are simply bogus.  But, the real goal is to protect the clear coat at all cost from the elements like water marks, bird poo and acid rain.  These will damage your clear coat and once the clear coat is damaged…you have a real problem.  Your car paint is breached and the outcomes will be severe quickly.

You need to protect the clear coat.  So, with SG 6 and car coating from Sierra Glow you can really protect this from the elements.  We are honest, our car coating will not protect against bullets.

Our company is successful because we really spend a lot of time with creating the foundation to apply the car coating.  This is incredibly important.  The car needs to shine, really shine BEFORE adding the car coating.  This is what we are good at.  We will spend 4, 5 or ever 6 hours to do this.  Then, we add our car coating, we are locking in the shine with a car coating that is 98.5% pure.  This is the best in the world…no one comes even close to us on this.  And our purity means you get all car coating…not emulsifiers, hardeners, alcohol and other VOC compounds.

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