Water Marks Gone

Water Marks are a constant threat to your car paint.  All is required is water and sun…and these two natural elements can really cause damage.  Rain or hard water (from washing) left on your car under a blazing sun will create water marks.  Sun and Rain or more likely rain and sun…this causes the marks as when the water dries up, a residue is left.  The rain often is acidic from the chemicals in the air…and this left over residue actually burns into your car.

So if you want not to get water marks, you need to keep your car out of the sun after a rain.  If your car is dirty and it rains, then the dirt and water mix on top of your car…if you leave this toxic brew out in the hot sun for one, two or three days…you will be hit with water marks.

This beautiful car is no longer beautiful…the paint has been destroyed with water marks.  But, Sierra Glow has a lot of experience with water marks…we get rid of them quickly.  And our SG 6 car coating will protect your clear coat from water marks…so your investment is protected.


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