MyVi goes Sierra Glow

This MyVi just radiates after the Sierra Glow Treatment.  A small Malaysian manufactured car, the MyVi is incredibly popular.  They have a lot of brillant colours, and generally young Malaysians are buying the cute MyVi is great numbers.  But like all cars, the MyVi needs protection, and the best protection is Sierra Glow.

All cars now have a clear coat sprayed on top of their paint.  This gives a thin protection to the paint and help greatly with the shine.  Many car owners attempt to protect this fragile clear coat with waxing or polishing.  Both waxing or polishing is a poor strategy as with each polish or wax, a thin layer of the clear coat can be easily damaged with the rubbing and polishing.  If you use electric rotary polishers, the damage can be quite fast…like a year or two.  Once the clear coat is compromised, the paint will oxidize and fade quickly.

The modern day solution is car coating as the best way to protect the clear coat.  A thin layer of car coating on top of the clear coat can last for years…at Sierra Glow, our car coating has a 5 year warranty.

The other benefit of our car coating is that our shine is radiant, and it will last and last.  In fact, every time you wash your car you will rejoice in your choice of Sierra Glow…as you we be rewarded with that “show room standard.”  Yep, every time you wash, you will smile.  Take a look.

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