White Cars need Sierra Glow

The choice of car colour is personal.  There is a whole psychological science about these choices.  Most are speculation, but for one example, red would indicate you are a person who like to take risk.  White is one of my favorite colour for cars as white seems so pure and clean.  The problem is that many choose white even though they are people that are “not going to take care of their car.”  If you are not a clean nut, don’t choose white.  White gets dirty quickly and often, and because the dirt (dark) is on white…you will see it clearly.  Dirt is obvious on white.

Many people choose silver or gray silver for this reason as it is not so obvious.  Also white has other issues as rubber or the run off from rubber leaves a telltale sign.  And, this mark is not easy to clean.   You will see these marks below the door handles or the side mirrors.  These drip marks are ugly.  Finally over time if you do not really detail your car, you will find the white has turned gray.  Usually this deterioration is slow and you don’t even notice it.  So, we have the white paper test.  Simply how up a piece of white paper and see how you paper matches the colour of the car.  You can see the difference.

Come to Sierra Glow and get you car detailed and protected.  Then your car won’t turn gray and the shine will be there every time you wash..


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