Oxidation: Enemy of Car Paint

Oxidation and degradation of your car paint can rapidly take place if your clear coat is damaged.  Don’t ever let this happen.  The best way to protect your clear coat is with SG 6 or Luminosity by Sierra Glow.  These car coating chemicals really protect, and we provide either a 5 year or a 10 year warranty.  These warranty include touch ups if panels get damaged.  We will touch up up to 3 car panels…so we can keep your car looking great even if you have a little damage.

Sierra Glow is the only company with SG6 and Luminosity which provide a 98.5% pure car coating.  Smell our coating, no chemical smell, just sweet car coating.  We wear no masks AND are coating dries within 10 minutes.  We never you infra lamps to harden anything as we have no thickener, emulsifiers or hardeners in our car coating.  Why don’t we have these?  We don’t need them…our car coating is pure.  Therefore, it protects and protects as it goes on thick and smooth.

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