Blue Flame Technology is both old and new

Blue Flame Treatment by Sierra Glow is only a few years old.  This is new as we have adapted older paint coating technology (Blue Flame) and added glass primer silica to our supercharged Blue Flame.  We have produced short video to show you that the older Blue Flame is used by many companies who want their paint to shine. Take a look.

Superior Car Coating

There is a lot of buzz about Sierra Glow and Blue Flame Treatment.  The unique method of using super-charged primer silica sprayed on to perfectly prepared car paint achieves fantastic results.  The Wet Look is amazing, and the supercharged primer silica creates an incredible bond between the paint and the car coating.  But, Sierra Glow went further.

We created a car coating that has two unique features.  First it is pure, 98.5% pure.  This has set a new industrial standards as no other coating achieves this.  Second, our formula is made to work with the Blue Flame treatment, thus creating a bond that is far superior than anyone else can achieve.  This is why we give a 10 year warranty with our car coating, Luminosity.  Learn about it with this video.

Car Coating Layer Myth Debunked

If you are applying car coating on top of your clear coat, what are the benefits?  Maybe we should look atthis issue: are layers the best way to protect your car.  Will it stop a key or even your fingernails…actually, NO!  So, why do layers?


Car Coating Wins “The Logic”

images (1)

In this world there is a beautiful gift we have.  We call it logic!  We solve so many problems on a daily (even hourly) basis using the gift of logic.  We can save money, time and even avoid disaster with logic.  One way we can do all of these is to use LOGIC and choose to car coat your car. Let me explain.

The clear coat is the layer on top of your car paint. Almost all cars have this clear coat.  It is delicate and can scratch easily.  You see the swirls left after polishing, waxing or washing…these swirls are scratches to the clear coat and these swirls compromise the integrity of the clear coat.  They are the first wave attack to the clear coat, and in time they will be victorious.  Your clear coat will be defeated as it is only a matter of time.

download (13)

The elements attacking your clear coat are multiple and constant.  This makes protecting your clear coat not only a necessity but also your priority.  Want the car to shine in 3 years…protect the clear coat.  The attack can come from rain (acid rain).  The attack can come from sending it to a car wash that works fast and doesn’t clean the cloth (or uses sponges).  The attack could come from bird poo…yuk (wipe off with water quickly). Tree sap is another killer of clear coat.

images (43) Another likely attack is from polishing your car.  Yep, using rotary polishers will take off a thin layer and thus weaken your clear coat.  Bam!  Clear coat becomes compromised…and after several polishes, your clear coat becomes really thin. After two or three years, the sun starts to get through the clear coat or what’s left of it, and now you have a real problem: oxidation.  The UV rays from the sun will spoil a car faster than you can say “Jack Robinson.”images (2)

Many car enthusiasts are protecting the clear coat with a plastic wrap.  This is one way, but not the best way. Plastic wraps are expensive and can be damaged with a stone chip or a fender bender…then expensive repair. But, to me the real problem with these plastic wraps is that your paint just doesn’t shine any more.  The thick wrap cuts reflection, and will never enhance it.  Enhancing the reflection, the shine is the purpose of the clear coat.  Not, with the plastic wrap, the shine is negated.

Is plastic wrap better than waxing?  Probably it is, but where is the shine?  So, let’s go back to logic.

Statements of truth:

  1.  Clear coat must be protected
  2.  Wax doesn’t do the job of protecting the clear coat
  3.   Plastic wrap protects, but paint won’t shine
  4.  Washing, waxing, polishing are potential attacks on clear coat.
  5.  Bird droppings, tree sap and rain (acid rain) are direct attacks on clear coat
  6.  Oxidation will occur when clear coat is compromised.

I don’t think you can argue with the above “truths.”  They are true and observable, and most damning, LOGICAL.

So, how do we protect the clear coat.  This is easiest answer as there is really only one way to do it in the best way: car coating.  Just think about it, You need to protect the clear coat, so how about putting on a thin layer of car coating, glass coating, on top of the clear coat.  Get a scratch on this, no problem, the clear coat is protected.  Get a water mark on top of the clear coat, no problem, just wash or wipe it off.  Get an active bird above your car, spat…no problem, wipe it off the car coat as the clear coat is protected.

Logically, car coating is the best way to protect your clear coat.  And, (wait for it) Sierra Glow not only has the best car coating, we also have Blue Flame.  To capture your shine, our SG5 car coating will do the trick, and the best news, it isn’t expensive.  Call for a quote, you will be amazed.  In fact, our car coating is cheaper than waxing your car.  Faced with this logic, let’s go to Sierra Glow.

One last point: with our car coating, you car just won’t get as dirty.  Your car surface will be so smooth and hydrophobic, you just won’t need to clean it as often.  Logic is wonderful.




Malaysia: We got your back

Ok, we get it.  You have a great car.  You have entrusted your great car to Sierra Glow to bring out a razor sharp, mirror finish and a car coating that we warranty for 5 full years.  You could have chosen XX  car coating company. Heck, you could still be waxing/polishing your car.  You could have decided to do nothing except wash it.  You could have chosen a paint sealant company or even Paint Protection Film.  We understand you had options, but you chose Sierra Glow. Thank you for making the best decision.

Maybe you chose us because we were really the first in the market to offer “inorganic” car coating services in Malaysia.  Maybe you liked our story…starting in USJ in 2007 before anyone knew much about car coating and growing to Malaysia’s No. 1 car coating company. Because we are actually the manufacturer of our Japanese products (car coating, Blue Flame and all the great polishing compounds), we offer our products and services at unbelievable prices as we have no franchise fees, dealership incentives, representatives, importers or wholesalers or any other levels to push up our prices.  No one can offer the quality of products and services at our prices, NOBODY!  We are the only Malaysian company with Blue Flame Treatment Program.

As I have written in other posting (read this), our prices are actually less than waxing and polishing your car…and you prevent the oxidation, swirls and scars that are the direct results of polishing and using wax, year after year.

Whatever your reason for choosing Sierra Glow, we want to thank you.  Sierraimages Glow not only recognizes that you have choices, but also we want you to know that we must  make sure that our service is better than all others.

We know that you want your car look great, and even though there can develop issues along the way, just bring it back in.  We love to see our work, and we really love to take car of your car paint issues.  So many people get a little ding and bring their car back to us…surprise when we touch it up without charge.  We don’t really like to let people know that we do this for free because we just love the look on their face.  They are simply not used to this level of service.  But, actually at Sierra Glow, we are famous for it.  Ask around.

We take care of your car as if it is our car.

We want you to enjoy the look and the shine, and we stand by our commitment to protect your car paint from the elements for 5 whole years.  If you are not happy, please bring in your car so we can assess it and help it.  We like to tell people if you are unhappy with us, tell us.  If you are happy with Sierra Glow, tell others.

You know we really don’t advertise our products and services.  You won’t hear our name on the radio or read it in glossy magazine advertisements.  We don’t want to pass that costs on to you.  What we do want to pass on to you is great products and services that you can trust.  Bring your car in to our JB, Penang or USB branch…and let us do our work.  We take great pride in making your car shine….and shine….and shine.

Car Coating: Your Diamond in the Rough

Many car owners downloaddon’t seem to understand car coating and protecting your car paint.  They often look at their new car and think, “wow, looks great.”  But really your new car is a “diamond in the rough.”  The potential has to be unleashed.

Lurking around the corner and unknown (and unseen) to most new car owners is the fact is that your car does shine, but it isn’t a “sharp, mirror finish.”  At Sierra Glow we take your new or old car and unleash the potential.  Every car has the potential “to be all it can be.”  But, the potential is best released with Sierra Glow.

IMG_8558We could cover our car in mirrors to achieve the “sharp, mirror finish.”  But, like Mercedes picture here, a little expensive.

Actually there are vast differences in car paint.  Some car manufacturers use a softer paint while other use harder paint.  Some use more, thicker or better quality clear coat than others. Even though there are big differences from the car manufacturers, only the hand made cars would you find the car paint actually “DETAILED.”  Car detailing, buffing and polishing the new paint just doesn’t happen in the cars the normal person buys.  Yeah, if you got a million US dollars, you can buy a car with the “sharp, mirror finish.”

Want a million US dollar finish?  Call Sierra Glow.  This is what we do, unleashing the shine potential.  Take a look and this baby…

Car makers don’t have the time, money or inclination to sell cars with a “sharp, mirror finish.”  Car sellers can put a layer of wax and cover up some imperfections AND make the car have a reasonable shine.  But, they will not create a “sharp, mirror finish.”  So, the car you buy will have imperfections, some paint waves, a lot of porous holes, clear coat blemishes, uneven paint
thickness, rough edges and more.  These are serious blemishes and imperfections that need to be taken care of.

Blemishes lead to more serious problems down the road.  Take watermarks.  Watermarks are serious and  appear frequently.   Watermarks are more serious and more frequent if you have uneven paint or not smooth paint.  All new cars have uneven paint and not smooth paint.  Just take your fingers and rub them down your car.  A Sierra Glow buffed car will feel smooth and silky, while new cars actually feel rough.

The whole point is that to bring out the shine, the sharp mirror finish, you need to have your car paint DETAILED.  And, the best at this is Sierra Glow.  Bring out the potential of your car..Look.





Malaysia: Protect Car Investment

Yeah, you might have an accident and ruin the value of your car.  But, usually we don’t have accidents or have our car stolen.  What we have now, we probably will have 2, 3 or even 5 years from now.  Shouldn’t we protect our investment.  When a car doesn’t shine anymore, the value is gone.  Wax is only a temporary solution.  The best solution is car coating, and the best car coating company is Sierra Glow.  And, we are proven to be good. Our 5 year warranty stands up.  Watch.

Malaysia:Our Warranty proven

We were the first to offer a 5 year warranty on our car coating.  Our competitors thought we were crazy.  Even today, not many are brave enough to offer 5 years, and many doubt they can deliver.  But, Sierra Glow proves it.  We protect the clear coat and your investment for 5 whole years.  Watch

Malaysia Car Waxing: Magic Number is 6

ssixDon’t be a fool or a clown…Maybe your magic number is 4 or 5, but certainly 6 means your car paint/clear coat is finished.  That is, if you choose to wax.  This magic number applies to waxes you get outside, not your own.  For those doing it yourself, I am assuming that you are not buffing first.  So, although not recommended to wax at all, the home jobs are (with no buffing) are more acceptable and less damaging.

Most commercial waxes go through a three step process. First, they wash.  Then, the buff and third, they apply the wax.  Often the will buff the wax on as well.  Yuk!  6 times, your car paint/clear coat will be not just damaged, but you have opened the door to oxidation. How is this possible?

Buffing or Polishing you car with high speed buffers (that’s how you get the shine) will take off a minuscule layer of the clear coat each time.  The buffing will also creIMG_0059ate hairline, microscopic cuts into the clear coat.   After just 3 waxes with this method, you can start the see the damage and your car will only shine with wax.  When after 2 month, the wax is gone, your car simply will not shine.  After 6 such treatments (maybe earlier), your clear coat has been severely damaged and most of it will be gone.  Now your paint is exposed to the elements of Asian weather: acidic rain, pollution and intense UV light.  With no protection,  the paint will start to oxidize and oxidation is the beginning of the end.

Many car owners are not aware of the importance of the “clear coat.”  This is a thin layer that almost all car manufacturers apply to the already dipped car.

Towards the end of this video, you can see the clear coat being applied after the dip.  This clear coat is incredibly important to make your car shine and to protect your car paint from all the environmental elements that will be thrown at it over its lifetime.  Without the clear coat, your paint not only is exposed but will be ruined quickly.

You can see this for yourself by looking at most trucks and vans.  Many of these vehicles don’t have a clear coat, so you can see the lack of shine and the damage.  Vans generally will be painted every year or two and the manufacturers know that names, logos, phone numbers are going on, so easier to apply these directly on the paint.  Check out a van and you will see the dull.  This is oxidation.

FYI: The next blog is about oxidation.

Back to the clear coat.  This coat needs to be protected at all costs for losing it brings damage.  That is why we are always harping on this issue, don’t wax, don’t polish.  Use car coating as this is a thin chemical layer that PROTECTS THE CLEAR COAT!  Protecting the clear coat means protecting your investment and protecting you shine.  Our car coating is simply the best as it is a one layer coating that adheres definitively to the clear coat and will remain for 5 years. The only maintenance required is to wash your car, and after each wash, your car will shine and shine.  And, the real beauty of our car coating, you WILL NEVER HAVE TO WAX AGAIN.

So, you will save your investment, save your time, never hurt your clear coat and when you sell the car, you will get a better return.  Join the Sierra Glow Revolution!

Turns out, Car Colour is incredibly important.

What colour car should you buy?  Now, that is a problem we all have when car shopping.  It is hard enough deciding on the make and model ocar color imagef car you want to buy.  And, when that is decided, you have to think about the extras and the colour.  Ah, the colour.  Black really shines, but shows up dirt.  At Sierra Glow we love black cars as we can really get black to shine.

But all car colours are great for us, as we can create a mirror finish on them all.  Our focus is more on the surface scratches, water marks and swirls.  Creating the perfect shine is what we do, and the colour doesn’t play much a part.  Darker colours are generally easier to “read” …meaning we can see the swirls and blemishes a little easier.

I had the impression that silver was the most popular colour in Malaysia, as I seem to see this colour everywhere.  We see trends in colours too, like the popular red Mazda is really hot now.

I have owned a black car and a white car, and I found them both difficult to take care of.  The black showed dirt easily, and the white car got streaked from the black rubber in the side mirrors and the door handles.  Yuk!  This messy streaks were difficult to get off. My wife has a red Hyundai…and surprisingly it is pretty easy to maintain and keep clean. (it has Sierra Glow.)

But colour is always an extremely personal thing.  If you like blue, buy blue.

But, you may want to know: White, silver, gray and black vehicles vastly outnumber cars of other colors, not just in the United States, but the world over. Collectively, they account for 76 percent of the automotive market. But that could change. 

You also might want to know that black cars (as well as other dark coloured cars) have more accidents than white, silver or other lighter coloured cars.  Just something to keep in mind.  In an Australian sttudy it was found that white  or light coloured cars are 10% less to be involved in a road accident.  Interesting?

Also interesting, hot coloured cars are much less likely to be stolen.

If you want a vehicle that is less likely to be stolen, avoid mainstream colors, says Dutch economist Ben Vollaard.

Vollaard, an assistant professor at Tilburg University in The Netherlands, looked at vehicle theft data in the Netherlands from 2004 through 2008 and in his 2010 research report found that cars painted two popular Dutch colors (blue and silver-gray) were stolen nearly 40 percent more often than cars in less popular colors.

Another surprise is that cars that have metallic paint have a much greater resale value than flat coloured paints.  In the US, the difference in resale is huge with up to $2000 more in resale for metallic paint after one year…

You choice of colour, of course, says a lot about YOU.  This is what many people think.  So, go here and read the meaning of the colour car you have chosen.  You might be impressed with yourself.

If, by chance, you want to explore more on this, you can go here or here