Warranty, Wow!

Sierra Glow just doesn’t mess around when it comes to your car.  We stand behind it.  We have spent hours making it beautiful, and if you are not happy with your baby, we aren’t happy either.  That is why we have this crazy, amazing, unbelievable warranty.  We call it “No Nonsense.”

If you aren’t happy with the shine or anything else …like you have some watermarks, bring the car back to us and we will take care of those watermarks.  Had an accident, and had a panel or two resprayed…bring it back and we will redo those resprayed panels.  Got some finger nail scratches or some black rubber streaks on the door…bring it back and we will redo those doors.  How much you ask?  It’s  free of charge!  Awesome!

This short video describes our warranty.  Take a look…


Car Coating Layer Myth Debunked

If you are applying car coating on top of your clear coat, what are the benefits?  Maybe we should look atthis issue: are layers the best way to protect your car.  Will it stop a key or even your fingernails…actually, NO!  So, why do layers?



Classics are classics.  Hard to describe what they are, but when we see a “classic” we all know.  Beautiful cars need car coating to protect their shine.  Wax is not a possibility as it slowly eats away at the polish and wax, leaving the car paint dull.  Sierra Glow knows how to restore a car’s finish, and with our SG6, we can preserve this shine for years and years to come.  Fantastic!



Achieving a “mirror” finish before applying the car coating is the goal of every competent and professional car detailer.  However, few achieve   it.  The reason isn’t difficult to understand as in any trade craft, there are two requirements:  the best tools and great technique.  SierraGlow has both.  Our sifu car detailers have years of experience learning their craft.  With that, SierraGlow has a total of 6 different polishing compounds to chose.  We have so many so we can correct “crash” the car paint blemish issues.

If your paint is hard, we have a special compound for that.  If your paint is soft, we have the compound.  If you have a lot of light swirls, we have the compound.  If you have some deep watermarks, no problem.  Compounds are a key to achieving the mirror finish.  But, our compounds work best when we use Compact Tools Dual Action Orbital Buffers.  These light and sturdy machines are a dream come true for a professional car detailer.  They spin in an orbit, and they spin SLOWLY.  No extra heat to disturb your paint.  Watch the video to see the results.



The Sun Wreaks Havoc on Car Paint (and more)

shadesMalaysia is hot, so are most places in the summer.  What happens to your car and your car paint in this heat?  Many think you can fry an egg on your car on a hot day.  You can try, but who would want to fry an egg on a car. But, this doesn’t mean it isn’t hot.   Leaving a dog or a child in a lock car can just destroy your life (jail time anyone?)  Ever sit down on leather seats wearing shorts or a thin dress after leaving the car out in the sun for an hour or two…ouch!)

Overall, the sun can cause problems to your car paint, your tires and to the inside (don’t eggleave pets and children in a locked car in the sun.) That doesn’t mean it isn’t hot.  Look at the damages, concerns and worries caused to your car left in the sun:

  • Burns can occur when your skin touches any metal, leather, or plastic items inside or outside the vehicle
  • Your vehicle battery will begin to degrade, leading to months if not years less of battery life
  • Your vehicle’s tires will get Sun damaged, leading to a shorter life of the tires
  • The inside of the vehicle will not be safe to sit in until it is cooled down by outside air or air conditioning, which will slow you down
  • Anything inside the car that is electronic could be ruined or completely lose all battery charging
  • Anything in the car food or drink will melt or be heated up to hot
  • Any plastic water bottles in the vehicle will be heated up to release dangerous chemicals in the plastic into your water

The temperature of your car can reach 65 degrees celsius.  That is hot, and the damage to you paint, your tires, plastic, leather and rubber is what we call a “slow burn.”  Little by little, your car suffers.  Do you see it?  No, you won’t see it right away.


Primer is a paint product that allows finishing paint to adhere much better than if it were used alone.  For this purpose, primer is designed to adhere to surfaces and to form a binding layer that is better prepared to receive the paint. Because primers do not need to be engineered to have durable, finished surfaces, they can instead be engineered to have improved filling and binding properties with the material underneath.


3 Layers of Paint:

There are typically three layers of paint on a car metal surface.  There is primer layer, their is the colour layer and then there is the important clear coat. Car manufacturers know that the sun mounts huge attacks on their car.  Over years, they have learned that a minimum of three layers is key. Each layer has its unique function.

Primer as a step in the coating process of a car body.

In practice, primer is often used when painting many kinds of materials. Priming is mandatory if the material is not water resistant and will be exposed to the elements.  Primers can also be used for dirty surfaces that, for some reason, cannot be cleaned, or before painting light colors over existing dark colors.

Primers can usually be tinted to a close match with the color of the finishing paint. If the finishing paint is a deep color, tinting the primer can reduce the number of layers of finishing paint that are necessary for good uniformity across the painted surface.

There may be a maximum time frame within which a topcoat should be applied over the primer after the primer dries, in order to achieve maximum performance. Depending on the primer, the next coat of paint should be applied as quickly as 24 hours or you may have as long as 2 weeks. Painting after the suggested timeframe may cause performance issues depending on the specific situation. Supposedly, you want to apply the finish coat of paint before the primer fully cures on a molecular level. Doing this allows maximum adhesion/bonding of the topcoat to the primer.

Who Has the Most Durable Paint

Unfortunately, no one can really say for sure. Most every car manufacturer has had problems with their paint quality and durability at some point in their history. From the early clear coats that would peel, or metallic’s that would burn out, to some of the Chevy, Ford, or Chrysler products that would peel after a few years. All the detailing in the world would not have saved any of these problems; this is a case of poor materials, preparation, base coats, clear coats, etc.

Who Has the Thickest Paint?

Once again, this depends. Most every car comes as a two stage paint, which is what clear coat and base coat is all about. You get a thin layer of the color coat, which is followed by a thin layer of clear coat. So even if you were to measure the thickness with a paint gauge meter, how does one know how thick the actual clear coat is vs. the color, or base/primer coats; you wouldn’t. Those using the paint thickness gauges can’t tell you how thick each layer is, so the information is not so useful. It is a nice gimmick, but tells little unless it is “thin.”

Car detailers  will want to know and quickly evaluate is not how thick your car paint is, but how hard is your paint.  The hardness will determine how the detailer will work on your car.  The polishing compounds and the buffer are selected in large part because of the hardness of the paint.  Another critically important issue is the condition of the paint and what problems that need correcting.

Whenproton-saga12V-1 you see cars that are faded, you are actually looking a sun damage. The most obvious car on Malaysian roads are the now pink Proton Sagas (formerly they were red).  UV light will fade a car faster that you can say “Jack Robinson.”  When the clear coat has been damaged with micro cuts and swirls or with over polishing, the clear coat can’t protect the paint from the dangerous UV light.  Here is your car in 5 years if you wax and polish too often!  Better to protect the clear coat with Sierra Glow car coating.  The best in the Malaysian market is Blue Flame by Sierra Glow.

Can you fry an egg on top of a car?  Watch to find out.

Car Coating is Sierra Glow

It is amazing how a name defines it all.  It reminds me of the old Johnny Cash song named a “Boy named Sue.”  The song depicted the idea that if you named a boy a “girl’s name” then he would grow up to be tough out of necessity.”  Not sure it has a validity, but the word is filled with advertising companies trying desperately to “brand” a name into everyone’s consciousness so the name or concept sticks. These advertising executives are paid handsomely to puff up the products, and sell you on the idea that their qualities are the best.  If you oversell, so goes the advertising theory, you sell.

In the car coating business there is tremendous confusion as to what it is we do to your car.  Because of the various names different car coating companies use to describe their coating, confusion is heaped on top of confusion.  At Sierra Glow, we call what we do “car coating.”  It is simple and, we hope, our customers and potential customers are not confused.  We simply put a coating on top of your car paint that helps protect your clear coat, your paint and your car value, and our car coat makes your car shine (and, no more waxing, ever!)

Some car coating companies call their coating “glass coating.”   This is understandable as the coating is like a thin layer of glass that sits on top of your car paint.  It is a fairly good description, but at Sierra Glow we stopped using this “glass coating” as it bring confusion to the marketplace.  Because a lot of car detailers and car accessory shops sell glass coating for the windscreen, you can see where the term “glass coating” can bring confusion.  Sierra Glow just says car coating as it is the clearest and most straight forward term that describes our work.

Is glass coating a coating on glass as shown belowglass coating





Or is it a coating for the paint as shown here: nano-3-big




Many other car detailers have gone over the top in their attempt to be big-bad-wolf-huffing-and-puffingcreate the impression that their chemical formula is superior.  We understand why they would want to do this and we don’t criticize.  We have just chosen a different, more simple way to describe our work.  We let our work speak for itself.  We don’t huff and puff.

All car coating is nano or nano-technology, so we don’t feel we have to say this.  While some car coating companies talk about diamonds, titanium, quartz, gloss and many other verbal descriptions, at Sierra Glow we opt for the straight, direct approach to our work.  We coat the car’s paint.  We provide a 5 year warranty, and be give all the technical support you need, so your car will shine and shine and shine.


Malaysia Car Waxing: Magic Number is 6

ssixDon’t be a fool or a clown…Maybe your magic number is 4 or 5, but certainly 6 means your car paint/clear coat is finished.  That is, if you choose to wax.  This magic number applies to waxes you get outside, not your own.  For those doing it yourself, I am assuming that you are not buffing first.  So, although not recommended to wax at all, the home jobs are (with no buffing) are more acceptable and less damaging.

Most commercial waxes go through a three step process. First, they wash.  Then, the buff and third, they apply the wax.  Often the will buff the wax on as well.  Yuk!  6 times, your car paint/clear coat will be not just damaged, but you have opened the door to oxidation. How is this possible?

Buffing or Polishing you car with high speed buffers (that’s how you get the shine) will take off a minuscule layer of the clear coat each time.  The buffing will also creIMG_0059ate hairline, microscopic cuts into the clear coat.   After just 3 waxes with this method, you can start the see the damage and your car will only shine with wax.  When after 2 month, the wax is gone, your car simply will not shine.  After 6 such treatments (maybe earlier), your clear coat has been severely damaged and most of it will be gone.  Now your paint is exposed to the elements of Asian weather: acidic rain, pollution and intense UV light.  With no protection,  the paint will start to oxidize and oxidation is the beginning of the end.

Many car owners are not aware of the importance of the “clear coat.”  This is a thin layer that almost all car manufacturers apply to the already dipped car.

Towards the end of this video, you can see the clear coat being applied after the dip.  This clear coat is incredibly important to make your car shine and to protect your car paint from all the environmental elements that will be thrown at it over its lifetime.  Without the clear coat, your paint not only is exposed but will be ruined quickly.

You can see this for yourself by looking at most trucks and vans.  Many of these vehicles don’t have a clear coat, so you can see the lack of shine and the damage.  Vans generally will be painted every year or two and the manufacturers know that names, logos, phone numbers are going on, so easier to apply these directly on the paint.  Check out a van and you will see the dull.  This is oxidation.

FYI: The next blog is about oxidation.

Back to the clear coat.  This coat needs to be protected at all costs for losing it brings damage.  That is why we are always harping on this issue, don’t wax, don’t polish.  Use car coating as this is a thin chemical layer that PROTECTS THE CLEAR COAT!  Protecting the clear coat means protecting your investment and protecting you shine.  Our car coating is simply the best as it is a one layer coating that adheres definitively to the clear coat and will remain for 5 years. The only maintenance required is to wash your car, and after each wash, your car will shine and shine.  And, the real beauty of our car coating, you WILL NEVER HAVE TO WAX AGAIN.

So, you will save your investment, save your time, never hurt your clear coat and when you sell the car, you will get a better return.  Join the Sierra Glow Revolution!

Car Coating Battle Royale

There icar race 1s a lot of buzz in the car coating industry about multi-layer coating.  Some companies are going all in on this concept that you can improve your car paint protection with not just multi-layers but the coatings extra hardness properties.  You can even select the hardness and the number of layers you want.

At Sierra Glow we don’t promote this way, and we are not a big believer in the multi-multi-multi layer approach to protecting your car paint. Below the Red Peugeot was coated (one time) by Sierra Glow 5 years ago.  Take a look, 5 years down the road, looks better than showroom condition.

My mother taught me (i can never live up to her teachings) that if you can’t say anything good about someone, don’t say anything at all.  So, at Sierra Glow we don’t criticize others.  But, we will talk til the “cows come home” about WHAT WE DO DO!!!

We use one  layer coating.  Our current coating is SG5 and the 5 stands for 5th generation.  Yes, we have been around for awhile.  As the market leader we are always working on our formula to tweak it to make it more suitable to the Asian environment.  As our chemists, Mr. Sato, is the inventor of the car coating material, we are always on the forefront of the latest and best technology.  Our customers don’t have to wait for our new formulas.  For example, our Blue Flame Treatment program is a huge success, and a larger and larger percentage of our customers are now choosing  Blue Flame.  Blue Flame is gathering more and more interest worldwide, and we were the first in Malaysia to use it.  Thank you, Mr. Sato.

Also, we don’t spray the coating on the car.  This is by design as we could spray it on.  But, we want to make sure the coating is smoothly and evenly applied on every inch of your car.  We know we do this as we can see our coating go on.  We also know it is evenly applied, and we avoid the typical problems of a spray.  By coating by hand (sponge) we know our coating is going on evenly and with enough protection.  We don’t want the coating to be too thick, as it would be a waste of money and would form a visible grayish layer of unnecessary coating.  If too much or too thick, your shine can be less radiant. Our coatings are uniform at 5 micron thick…this is very thin, as thick coating does not provide any additional protecting.  Some might think that if i put on one 5 h and one 9 h, I will now have 14 h on my car.  Sorry, it doesn’t work that way

Remember, .Car coating will not stop a bullet, a juvenile delinquent with a key, a stone flying off a cement truck or even watermarks or bird poo (if left too long on your car).  No amount of thickness will prevent that.

Sierra Glow was the first to offer 5 year guarantee in the Malaysian market.  Many thought we were crazy to do this.  But now that we are over 7 years old, it has proven thousands of time to be a great decision.  Cars are not coming in after a Sierra Glow treatment and asking for refunds, more than likely, then return with a new car or a wife’s car requesting Blue Flame.  We couldn’t be happier, and we know our customers are happy too.

In earlier posting i have written extensively about the 5 H, 7 H and 9 H.  A pencil hardness classification hardly helps understanding and a 9 H while good is no defense against a flying stone on an Asian highway.

(Mom, if you are reading this, please note, I didn’t follow your teaching to the letter, but I tried, really tried to talk about what we do and not about our competition.  I hope you are pleased).  No point running down the competition or creating a battle royale, just say what you do and why you do it.  Enough said.  Thanks




Turns out, Car Colour is incredibly important.

What colour car should you buy?  Now, that is a problem we all have when car shopping.  It is hard enough deciding on the make and model ocar color imagef car you want to buy.  And, when that is decided, you have to think about the extras and the colour.  Ah, the colour.  Black really shines, but shows up dirt.  At Sierra Glow we love black cars as we can really get black to shine.

But all car colours are great for us, as we can create a mirror finish on them all.  Our focus is more on the surface scratches, water marks and swirls.  Creating the perfect shine is what we do, and the colour doesn’t play much a part.  Darker colours are generally easier to “read” …meaning we can see the swirls and blemishes a little easier.

I had the impression that silver was the most popular colour in Malaysia, as I seem to see this colour everywhere.  We see trends in colours too, like the popular red Mazda is really hot now.

I have owned a black car and a white car, and I found them both difficult to take care of.  The black showed dirt easily, and the white car got streaked from the black rubber in the side mirrors and the door handles.  Yuk!  This messy streaks were difficult to get off. My wife has a red Hyundai…and surprisingly it is pretty easy to maintain and keep clean. (it has Sierra Glow.)

But colour is always an extremely personal thing.  If you like blue, buy blue.

But, you may want to know: White, silver, gray and black vehicles vastly outnumber cars of other colors, not just in the United States, but the world over. Collectively, they account for 76 percent of the automotive market. But that could change. 

You also might want to know that black cars (as well as other dark coloured cars) have more accidents than white, silver or other lighter coloured cars.  Just something to keep in mind.  In an Australian sttudy it was found that white  or light coloured cars are 10% less to be involved in a road accident.  Interesting?

Also interesting, hot coloured cars are much less likely to be stolen.

If you want a vehicle that is less likely to be stolen, avoid mainstream colors, says Dutch economist Ben Vollaard.

Vollaard, an assistant professor at Tilburg University in The Netherlands, looked at vehicle theft data in the Netherlands from 2004 through 2008 and in his 2010 research report found that cars painted two popular Dutch colors (blue and silver-gray) were stolen nearly 40 percent more often than cars in less popular colors.

Another surprise is that cars that have metallic paint have a much greater resale value than flat coloured paints.  In the US, the difference in resale is huge with up to $2000 more in resale for metallic paint after one year…

You choice of colour, of course, says a lot about YOU.  This is what many people think.  So, go here and read the meaning of the colour car you have chosen.  You might be impressed with yourself.

If, by chance, you want to explore more on this, you can go here or here