Blue Flame Technology is both old and new

Blue Flame Treatment by Sierra Glow is only a few years old.  This is new as we have adapted older paint coating technology (Blue Flame) and added glass primer silica to our supercharged Blue Flame.  We have produced short video to show you that the older Blue Flame is used by many companies who want their paint to shine. Take a look.

Organic isn’t Always Better

If one is eating vegetables, fruit or meat…organic is way, way better.  No chemicals, farm raised, no pesticides, no antibiotics, just natural like in your parents or grandparents time.  Our society is loaded with these organic_producechemicals…to the point of utter ridiculousness.  Men developing large breasts comes to mind.

A whole new industry has sprung up providing citizens with the organic choice.  This is good, no, it is great!  Sierraglow loves organic, farm grown, free range, no pesticide, no antibiotic, clean food.  We don’t even like GMO food (but that is another story)….But, organic is not good when it comes to car coating.  Let me explain.

The difference between organic food and organic car coat is chemicals and carbon.  Inorganic has no carbon, and this is the scientific meaning of substances that are inorganic.  Inorganic would mean “not having a living structure” and containing “no carbon.”  Both are important characteristics of car coating, as if it has just a little organic substance, then it would have a living structure and carbon.  This would mean that the chemical applied as clear coat (organic) would react and interact with the environment.  So, if bird poo lands on your car, there would be an interaction.  If acid rain lay on your car, the rain would interact with the chemicals faster and more profoundly than inorganic car coating would.

So, that is why we like organic for food, but don’t like organic for car coating chemicals.  So, how do I know if the car coating company is providing organic or inorganic car coating.  They would look the say, no?

Yes, they would look the same, smell the same, and taste the same (don’t do this!!!). So, how do I know I am getting the best car coating (inorganic).  Ask some questions?

  1. Is the car coating organic or inorganic?  If they don’t know the answer, it most probably organic.
  2. How long is the guarantee?  1 or 2 years…definitely organic
  3. Do I need to bring back for “touch up,” recoating.”  It is definitely organic
  4. Do I need to wash it every week/month with their “special shampoo.?”  It is definitely organic
  5. Do I need a special “conditioner?”  Definitely organic
  6. Do they call the chemical something other than car coat or glass coat?  Most likely organic.
  7. Is there any “maintaining” schedule?  It is organic.

Sierraglow doesn’t waste its time into looking at the competition and what exactly they are doing.  We hear from some of our customers about company x or company y requiring “conditioning shampoos” or “service visits.”  At Sierraglow we don’t have to require this…we know our product will last and last and last, but we always tell our customers, any issue with our work or your car shine, bring it back to us and we will see what needs to be done.

We do know that our car coat is extremely unusual.  Only a  few factories on earth can achieve this “inorganic” level for their car coating, and it is not only complex to achieve it, it isn’t cheap.  Besides the formula for the car coat (ours has a patent), one must HEAT the chemicals in a huge oven to actually burn off all the living organisms in the chemicals.  The temperature must achieve 1,000 degrees celsius to burn off all the excess carbon.  Then, the car coat is truly inorganic.  Seriously, who would go to this extra step, extra costs to make their product inorganic.  We do, we really don’t know anyone else who does.

We do know that inorganic is the best for car coating, and we know that organic car coating is temporary, at best.

Videos of BLue Flame

Watch these videos and be amazed.  No, it is not so hot, the silica is supercharged.  If you watch carefully you can see the vapors coming out and spraying the cars…laying down a layer of silica……………….

Note that each swipe of the flame is about 4 to 5 inches, so a lot of overlap, no section is missed.  Also, sometimes you see a spark, this is a quick burning off of some surface impurities.  Great action.

Why Sierraglow?

SG singapore photo cars n logoA lot of car detailing companies will toot their horn as “the best of the best.”  At Sierraglow, we aren’t any different in our attempt to give multiple reasons why you should chose us.  We could say,  we were one of the first, we started our business in 2007, we have applied our car coating on over 10,000 cars, etc.   Our accomplishments since opening at long, detailed and impressive.  Take a look:

choose us                                                glassglow_tag

  1. We are the inventor and manufacturer of our products. (Hence, no middlemen, distributors or wholesalers)
  2. We are the only car coating business in Malaysia with Blue Flame.
  3. We were the first to offer the 5 year guarantee.
  4. We are famous for our after care service. (check the car forums).
  5. We really teach you how to take care of your car after treatment.
  6. We tell you the truth about our car coating (“nothing protects from stone chips”).
  7. We are constantly upgrading and improving car coating products.
  8. We use exclusively Japanese products. (polishers, polish, applicators, coating, clay bars, etc.)
  9. We take the time (and energy) to REALLY prepare your car paint surface before car coating.
  10. We are not side tracked with 10 different business, we specialize exclusively on car coat shine!.

Many car coating companies promise the moon.  They claim they have 8 layers or their coating is 9H or 12 H….Sorry, you won’t find Sierraglow doing this.  We promise you exceptional shine, a 5 year guarantee on that shine, and great after care service.  Check the forums, our reputations actually SAYS IT ALL!

Car Coating is Hydrophobic


The word hydrophobic is Latin for “afraid of water.”

The word has become a buzzword in the car detailing word as a fancy way to say that you car paint does absorb water, but repels it.  With good hydrophobic properties, one will see water beading or just running off your car. It is considered to be very good for the water not to stick to the car paint but run off.  The more the water remains on top of the car paint, the more the water can and will do damage to the car paint.

What is that damage?

Water is not good for paint especially if the paint has surface cuts or scratches.  Then the water can leak through the clear coat into the paint and even tough the metal.  We all know that water and metal are not good together, rust is the result of that.  So, getting the water to not settle on top of the car paint or in cracks in the clear coat, but rather to quickly run off is one of the goals in today’s car detailing. Read more

Reviews of Our Work

It is true thatabraham lincoln internet the internet is filled with lies and distortions….that is a given.  But, when you find consistent opinions and views, then you can start to believe.  When you Google “gout” and the websites found tell you to avoid this and that, believe it.  When you Google Sierraglow and comments after comments are positive and supportive. Believe it.

We have been in business
since 2007.  One can’t be in business that long without offering a great product.  We have grown steadily over 50% growth every year.  Not only the growth, but we have expanded to Penang, Johor Bahru and Singapore.  And, just wait for new news about our growth, as 2015 and 2016 is our break out years. Anyway, here are comments, articles and views about Sierraglow that you get by doing a normal Google Search.  We did the search for you….

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Sierraglow: After Care

Click to enlarge.

4 Simple steps to wash you car.  Please don’t wax or polish after Sierraglow.  There is no need. Our car coat is enough to protect your car from oxidation, water and the other elements. . Your car will need to be regularly washed when it is dirty, and you need to remove bird poo, tree sap and other environmental elements.

These machine washes can damage your paint….fast but foolish

Read more


Welcome…this is our homepage.  Sierraglow is a car detailing company like no other.
We don’t create a lot of BS about how great we are and how our car coating products are better than best.

horse carriage We instead will show you what we do and explain how we do it. .

Wax and Polish are from the Horse and Buggy Days! Don’t wax

Wax and polish if you really don’t like your car.  They are not only old fashion, but wax and polish below in the trash can of history.  I mean, they are good for the shoes and the furniture (and for the saddle) but they don’t belong on your car paint.  Why?

Wax and polish become soft, wet and sticky like butter when on the top of the metal car under the sun.  This sticky goo absorbs all the dirt, grime and grit that the environment can throw at it.  When you wash the car, microscopic particles are rubbed around and small cuts and swirls are left in your clear coat.  Over several washes and waxes, your clear coat and your paint will suffer more and more cuts, swirls and abrasions.  These let in the UV light onto your paint, and more grit and grime floats into the pores and scratch marks.  More washing and waxing, more damage.  In less than a year, real damage is done.  And, the damage is even double when you go to a car wash where they use dirty rags or machines that buff your car paint.  Yuk! Paint is finished. Read more

Polishers and tools: Our Trade Secrets

Our Polishers: Compact Tools

This article describes how the polishing equipment and compounds that are unique to Sierraglow.  Our gear action polisher from Compact Tools really do a wonderful job as they are able to gentle nurse the car’s clear coat back to health.  By eliminating rough spots, reducing scratches and swirls and provide a high gloss finish, these polishers are described in detail.  This article also describes the wools and sponges Sierraglow uses.

Read more

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