McLaren Gets Flamed

Some times we have really fantastic cars coming into for Sierra Glow.  Take a look at this baby…Wow!   But the amazing thing is that we were able to get this hot car to really shine…a true mirror finish, “better than show room.”  Just think about it, Sierra Glow can make your car paint shine in a way that is better than when you bought it.  And, now the paint is protected from all the crazy elements like bird poo, water marks, tree sap…and the car shine better than a brand new wax …every time you simple wash it.  Truly amazing.  Take a look.

Mirror Finish by Sierra Glow

Sierra Glow creates the “mirror finish.” To really bring out the shine and get the reflection necessary to create “mirror” is not an easy feat. You need three things: 1. great polishing compounds that don’t irritate the surface, 2. slowed down gear action, orbital polishers to massage paint surface, and 3. experienced craftsman. At Sierra Glow, whether in Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Guangzhou or Singapore…we create the “mirror finish” routinely

Oxidation is Your Enemy

Oxidation is your car paint’s enemy.  It can attack when your car is sleeping  or wide awake on the open road.  Oxidation works quickly when you have a car paint blemish.  Just like when your skin has a cut or a boil, damage from infection can result.  When your car paint has a blemish, a cut, a  teaultra-shiny-bmwr, a wound, a pimple, a rough patch, a stone chip, a hairline fracture, a burn (well, you get the idea), oxidation will be the result, guaranteed. Unlike your own body, your car paint has no real defenses EXCEPT car coating. The best way for this BMW to stay like this….car coating by Sierra Glow!!!

The damage below the cut can be rude and quick or can be slow and methodological.   Think of these blemish like a cancer…your car paint has 3 to 6 months to live….or may last for 2.  With surgery, radiation and chemo…well, you might heal the problem.  The point is this: a car paint blemish is big trouble and your car needs production.  This post describes the technical causes of oxidation and what you can do about it

Techno Babble:

Oxidation, any oxidechemical reaction in which an atom of an element loses one or more of its electrons to an atom of a different element.

Familiar examples of oxidation include the burning of coal, which is rapid oxidation; and the rusting of iron, which is slow oxidation.oxide 1

The element whose atoms lose electrons during oxidation is said to be oxidized. The other element, whose atoms gain electrons, is called the oxidizing agent. The oxidizing agent is said to be reduced, and the process of gaining electrons is called reduction. Oxidation and reduction always occur simultaneously, and therefore chemists often use the term oxidation-reduction (or redox) when referring to this type of reaction.

If you really don’t know what oxidation is  let’s look at some car paint oxidation examples….

Pretty bad cases are used for demonstration and information purposes, but the reality is that most cars who owners use wax and polish will end up like this…5, 10 or in 15 years.  It is inevitable if one uses wax.  Each time you wax, you are covering a car paint blemish, but you are not solving the problem.  You put a band aid or plaster on the problem, but water, grit, soot, sun, acid rain…all sneak under the band aid and continue to aggravate the problem.

At Sierra Glow, we really don’t like waxing your car.  As it only covers up the underlying problems that are going on with your car.  You need to be able to see the blemishes and not do anything that compromises the integrity of the car paint.  Polishing and Waxing, by definition, interfere with the integrity of the car paint as at minimum, the car paint is slowly warn down by the abrasive rubbing required in the process.  Want your car paint to last, and to shine, and prevent oxidation, car coating by Sierra Glow is your best solution.

Other benefits of our car coating besides eliminating the oxidation process:  you will see water sheeting, lotus effect and hydrophobia…but really all you want is SHINE.  And shine is what you will get with Sierra Glow.

Affordable Car Coating

Car Coating at Sierraglow isn’t so expensive.  Call around and ask.  We don’t have markup on top of markup, and we don’t try to sell you something you aren’t interested in.  We focus on our sfocus-and-concentrationtrength, car coating.  We don’t reburish your leather seats, we don’t steam clean you engine,  we don’t add more speakers,  and we don’t put tinting on your windows.  We are a car coating company.  This is what we do and by just doing this, we do it better. We focus.

Sierraglow was one of the first companies to bring car coating to Malaysia.  Now there are so many. Many have already closed. You won’t see Sierraglow ads in the newspaper, tv or magazines, and you won’t hear our ads on the radio…we get more than 90%  of our customers from referrals, customers telling their friends.

Just look at our facebook pages: USJJohor Baharu and Penang and look at the number of cars we do everyday.  In reality, we don’t have the time or the space to do all the other tasks other car detailers do.  But, we focus because it is car coating that We ARE REALLY GOOD AT.

Excellent Car Coating is not an easy job.  Just like building a house, it is the car on building the foundation that decides how good the building is.  Likewise, with car coating, the base work, the foundation is the key element.  There can be no shortcuts when taking car of the car foundation, the clear coat.

Great car shine requires the foundation, the clear coat, to be smooth and clear of as many imperfections as possible.  The “clear coat” is the coat of clear paint on top of the paint, and even if new, it is not smooth.  When manufacturing a car, in the painting process, the clear coat will not be seriously buff to smoothen out all the imperfections.  If you look at the clear coat from the side with a magnifying glass, you would be seeing mountains and valleys of imperfections.  It is our job to make the clear coat not just shine, but to make it smooth.

We can spend hours to accomplish this! The technique used is described here.  Buffing is not just important, it is critical.  No matter how good your car coating chemicals are, without the buffing, polishing and shine creation, the chemicals are wasted.  For us at Sierraglow, there is no way to short change our customers with less than perfection.  To have the hydrophobia, the lotus effect and good water beading, we need to buff out all the issues with the clear coat. Perfection is Sierraglow.



Car Coating Hyperbole

Hyperbole means exaggeration!  It is a good word to know as you hear hyperbole all the time, and smart people recognize hyperbole quickly.  It is not just a little exaggeration but overkill!  If I say my phone bill is more than my rent….that would be hyperbole!  If I say “my car coating is harder than a diamond and it can’t be hurt with a stone chip” would be not just hyperbole, an exaggeration, an overkill, but a lie!  Don’t be suckered with the common hyperbole of the car coating, car detailing industry.

What others in the car coating industry say has little meaning to me…usually I could care less what our competitors are doing.  I prefer just to do the best we can, concentrate on our work and success will come.  We have been successful.  But, so many customers come in and want to know and they ask; “how hard is your coating?”  Is it 7H or 9H?  

empty-promisesOne can tell pretty easily that the “hardness” issue is the new hyperbole, exaggeration.  “Will it stop stone chips?”  “Of course, the salesman promises.

“Will your car coating take a door?”   “No problem” comes the easy answer.

“Will your coating prevent damage from key thugs?”  “Our coating has tested harder than steel, so no problem.”

We hear these questions and some customers seem to believe this hyperbole.  I think the reason they believe it is that so many car coating/car detailing companies are saying it.  If a lot of people say it, “must be true!!!”

A True Test:

Recently I said to one customer who was telling me that XXX can stop stone chips and protect against a key thug:  Did you ask the salesman to let you try a key on the Honda?  I mean, if it really works, it must work...Can I try  with this key? If the salesman lets you do this, I will shoot myself.

Technical Explanation about Car Coating Hardness

Pencil Hardness Test is perhaps the silliest test to give a car coat.  What does it have to do with pencils. Other tests would be much more important that a pencil hardness test:.Other tests are abrasion, reverse impact resistance, direct impact resistance, cross-hatch adhesion, oxidation, gloss retention, UV resistance, yellowing, blistering, drying times, chemical/solvent resistance (using both the rubbing and spot/time tests), salt spray resistance, humidity resistance, acid and caustic resistance, the VOC and HAP contents, and so on.  What about these tests?

Just think about it, if my coating yellows, blisters and is made up of VOC…why would I want THAT on my car.

Let’s look at the pencil hardness test


pencil hard2:

The idea of the test is to take a pencil 2B, 5H or 7H, put it into one of these machines and run the pencil over the surface.  If it scratches the surface, then reduce the pencil “hardness” accordingly.  When it doesn’t scratch, you have the hardness!  Right???

What if it isn’t a pencil but a knife, and the knife isn’t rolled back and forth lightly in one of these machines, but stabbed or slashed at my car…with violent force!

Will the coating protect against the knife or the key applied with force…not just a little weight that is rolled gently over the coating.  So, don’t shoot me folks, the pencil hardness test is a joke as the likelihood of someone rubbing a 9H pencil gently on top of your car coating is a nonsense test.

You can see how weak and ridiculous the test is,  Think the stone chip flying off the truck at 90 will be so gentle as this pencil point rolling gently on the paper.  Get real,  click to play

Finally Point about Car Coating

Car coating is better than wax!  Second, when dealing with any car coating company, read the guarantee!  The XXX company will not guarantee it (in writing) against stone chips.  If they do, I might even give them a try, but they won’t.  They might not mention it or they will most likely exclude damage done by stone chips.  If fact, before you go for a visit, check out their guarantee.  If it reads like a lawyer document and gives you a quick headache, avoid that shop!

Watersheeting, hydrophobia and the Lotus Effect

It has been the holy grail of car detailing for many years.  Even in the old days of wax and polish before car coating came along, many waxers and polishers sought beading.  Today car coating companies have a new word they like to use: hydrophobia (fear of water).  And, as everyone knows, the car polishing, car detailing and the car coating industry loves to use hyperbole and exaggeration as a way to drive business to their doors.  Hydrophobia is water bead blue 4not a big enough word for these car detailers and car coating experts, they say “super-hydrophobia” or “extreme-hydrophobia.”

For most of us, the common driver of today, we understand the idea of water beading and we seek this as our standard.  To have water beading means simply that the water will stay as beads on top of the car, and most of this will run off especially if it has stopped raining and the car is moving.

If our car achieves something like the dark car shown here, then we are more than happy as we know that our clear coat and our paint has a good protection from the rain and other elements.  This is what we want.

Howebad beadingver, this is not what we usually achieve.  If we use a wax or a polish, we may get nice beading for a week or so, but pretty soon our car paint will not show an “phobia” to water, and our car will start to look like this.   The beads are not perky and full, but flat, like a flat tire.  The water pools.  These pools are especially dangerous, as in the rain one finds chemicals and minerals.   So when the rain dries or is burned off (car under the sun), the residue chemicals and minerals are left behind.  We have all heard and read about acid rain, when it isn’t a joke for a car that is has been left under the sun with these pools of acidic rain water.  The left over residue actually gets “burned” into the clear coat.  Left for days under the sun, the etch may even reach the paint.  Yuk!

We have all seen cars that don’t bead, and we have all seen cars that shine and bead.  Beading and shining go together like nasi and lemak, yes.  Seldom do we see a car that beads but doesn’t shine or vice-versa.  Either the car shines or it is dull.

Car coating specialists love new words and concepts (super-hydrophobia), so they have come up with the “lotus effect.”  The lotus plant has really big leaves and is made in such a way that rain can not penetrate at all the leave.  The rain drops sit on top as a perfect round ball, and most of the rain will just bounce off.  The lotus leaf is truly amazing, and all car detailers and car coating expects desire the lotus effect.

Sierraglow has great results with their car coating material.  And, when we do our world famous, Blue Flame Treatment we get great beading and the water sheeting effect.  Like a Lotus, almost…take a look.