Warranty, Wow!

Sierra Glow just doesn’t mess around when it comes to your car.  We stand behind it.  We have spent hours making it beautiful, and if you are not happy with your baby, we aren’t happy either.  That is why we have this crazy, amazing, unbelievable warranty.  We call it “No Nonsense.”

If you aren’t happy with the shine or anything else …like you have some watermarks, bring the car back to us and we will take care of those watermarks.  Had an accident, and had a panel or two resprayed…bring it back and we will redo those resprayed panels.  Got some finger nail scratches or some black rubber streaks on the door…bring it back and we will redo those doors.  How much you ask?  It’s  free of charge!  Awesome!

This short video describes our warranty.  Take a look…


Waxing is so yesterday…

Basic logic and rational thinking are not always easy especially when history, culture or outhouse1habits are involved.  More importantly, many stay in the dark because they simply don’t know.  When cars replaced horse drawn carriages, there were many who rejected the car.  Too noisy and dangerous when compared to the known safety of the horse.  Many of these people didn’t jump on the “car bandwagon” for many, many years even after Henry Ford began mass production.

When electricity was invented and the light bulb started lighting homes, there were many who simply rejected this invention.  They preferred the candle light.  When home furnaces replaced pot belly stoves for heating a home, many said no.  And even when indoor plumbing came replacing the well and the outdoor toilet, believe me, many were not quick to accept.

The notion candlelight one would reject these 19 and 20 century developments seem absurd and outright silly today.  Who would want to go outside to use the toilet?  To make my point more modern, who would like to use a slide rule or an abacus when you have a calculator or a computer.

When it comes to you car, are you really still waxing?  Maybe more than 95%  or even more of all car owners still wax.  Is it because they don’t know about car coating?  or Is it that they are following in the history, culture and habits taught to them by their parents.  Car paint must be waxed, right?   Many believe: there is no alternative to wax…wax is it!!!

At Sierra Glow, we meet a lot of our first time customers who only recently learned or heard about car coating.  When they explored this, they discovered that Sierra Glow has a lot of favorable reviews and our prices seemed more reasonable.  But, they had only heard about Sierra Glow and car coating quite recently (within the year).  So, it is obvious to us that we have a lot of work to do to explain what car coating is and why you shouldn’t wax or polish.

Car Coating is cheaper, last longer (5 years), protects your car paint and clear coat and is environmentally friendly.

Expensive:Wax and polish can cost between RM 200 and 400 per wax.  I have atoilet money friend who confided in me that she recently paid RM 900 for a polish and wax.  Really? I still can’t believe that.  But wax only last 2 to 3 months…so you do the math.  5 years, one time fee compared to wax charges x 4 (per year) x 5 years.  Doesn’t make economic sense.Wax if you want to waste your money….

No Real Protection:  Wax really offers no real protection against water marks, UV rays and oxidation or bird poo.  It is wax not a protective, hard covering.  So, even though it shines, it will not protect your clear coat. Also, since most wax companies will IMG_0061“buff” your car before applying, there is actual damage to the sensitive and thin layer of clear coat each time a polish with machine polisher are used.  Be careful about wax companies using these polishers in the process of waxing your car…damage and swirls are often the result.  The photo shows swirls left on this blue car caused by waxing only 4 times!  These scratches or swirls let UV light attack the paint and this will result in oxidation.  Don’t wax.

Environment:  Wax companies play down the fact that their is oil within the wax compounds, and many of the compounds used in wax has negative impact on our environment.  Since we have to repeated wax to have a car maintain its shine, these compounds are entering our eco system.  Make sense to eliminate this…Don’t wax.

There are many reasons why car coating outshines (excuse the pun) waxing and polishing.  But, the proof is your own eyes.  Come to Sierra Glow or spend some time looking at our facebook pages or websites to see what we can do.  It is nothing short of amazing, but to us, it is an everyday event.










Sierra Glow does “Buff” Better

Great Car Coating is the  final outcome of the work at Sierra Glow.  But, before we get to call our car coat “Great” we have to buff the car paint to a mirror – finish shine.  Even a new car will not really have a mirror finish shine.  Often we find minor to major blemishes on new car paint.  Before Sierra Glow puts on the car coating, we must put on a shine that is blinding!

To do this is no easy task.  It has taken us a long time to perfect our work.  Our polishers are highly trained and the best in Penang.  But, they have some help.  Two important trade secrets are:

Sierra Glow only uses Gear Action Orbital Polishers by Compact Tools.  These polishers are far from ordinary.  They buff at a speed and in a motion that will not overheat the car paint.  This is important for two reasons.  One, if the car paint gets to hot, many problems can be the result…especially the burn and the wave.  These are permanent marks made into the paint.  Also we will not get the dreaded “halo” that many of the amateur car wax companies create for car owners.  These halos are awful.  Second, because the heat is low, we are able to work gently on the blemish while we do no damage to the clear coat.  Many car detailers rev up their rotary polisher and create halos, excess heat and wipe off the clear coat.  This is NOT the way to car detail.  At Sierra Glow we have the best in polishers.

Second, we have great compounds.  Actually we have 6 different compounds and we even sometimes blend two or three of our compounds to make a special formula.  Why six?  Paint comes in various hardness.  Yes, some paint like on the Proton are quite soft, so a abrasive polish would be terrible and give really bad results.  Other car paints like the BMW has a harder paint.  So, we match what we need to do with the type of paint we are dealing with…a use the correct polish.  And, of course, as we are almost finish and we want to really buff out the mirror finish, we have to use one of our finishing compounds.

That’s why I always say that polishing is an art and a science.  But, you need even more than that, you need “feel.”  It is really amazing how much our professionals use their hands and their sensitive fingers to measure the smoothness and the gloss.  They can feel when they have achieved success. Really.

Car Detailing starts with buffing…

Sierra Glow is really good at perfecting car paint’s finish. We smooth it down and bring out the shine to the point where it is a mirror finish. Swirls can easily be seen (caused by 4 waxes done by some low-life polishing creeps), and Sierra Glow crews gets them out…they are now gone. How do we do this? Some of our work is top secret, but I can share that we have 6 different polishing compoundPhotos…so we have the right compounds for solve the paint problem. We also have gear action polishers…these are a key component of our work, as it attacks the problem without creating excessive heat. Heat above 65 degrees is a no-no, and only the gear action polisher is able to perform an orbital buff with low heat. Ok, now some of our secrets are out.
There are not a lot of car detailers who can eliminate swirls like Sierra Glow.  The big difference is that even though you can see that the swirls are only serious on the right side (we have polished the left).  The mess on the right was on the Photoleft, but our crew was able to take care of this. Now the swirls on the right are in stark contrast to the mirror finish on the left.  Good job, boys!
You can clearly see the reflection of the Sierra Glow red sign and the two clouds on the left of the photo.  Fantastic reflection…all created by a fantastic professional crew that can make your car paint pop.  Yeah, pop.

Car Detailing:You are Your Car!

It is just amazing how some guys walk around with such great clothes, fantastic shoes, even stylish hat…but drive a dull, lifeless looking car.  Yeah, I am talking to you.

My mother always insisted that my shoes be polished (and my underwear clean).  She was really insistent on this.  She said shiny shoes state how much you care about yourself.  Dirty shoes are worn by people who don’t care.  Mom said, “son, always care.”

For women, I think the equivalent is the purse or handbag.  Those that our scruffy, just aren’t taken out in public.    A handbag that is dirleather bagty or ripped are either repaired, left in the closet or used for storage….

One more exampleleather couch, please bear with me, so I can really make this point.  We just wouldn’t ask our guest to come to our house and sit on our leather couch… Yuk, what animals, vermin and insects are under those seats.   This type of couch is for the flop house, drug house or boy’s fraternity house.

What does furniture, hand bags and shoes have to do with car detailing?  Everything. You are what you drive…

The car detailing business is growing leaps and bounds year after year because of the notion, what you drive is who you are…or something like that. In the US, car detailing is a $ 9 billion USD business a year.   Scratched and banged up cars…dead beat person?  This is fairly common thinking among the younger generation.

So, many of us are really taking care of our cars.  I have been trying to do a study of various Asian cultures and how well they take care of their cars.  The Thais seem to be pretty fanatical about their cars…just look at the chrome and lights on a Thai Toot-Toot.  Now, compare that with a Malaysian taxi.  But, when traveling in Jakarta, Bangkok or in KL…I see well maintained cars and lots of dirty, shabby, dull cars.  Not sure who is more aware of my mom’s thinking:  you are what you drive.

The “you are what you drive” thought is not about money, bling or status.  It is in taking care of the basics.  Like how much does polishing your shoes take…pennies will do.  Shoes don’t have to be 4 figures to be clean, neat and stylish.   Here is how to repair a broken down shoe…doesn’t cost much.  The point of the below video is to demonstrated that good looking old shoes are within everyone’s budget…

Leather seats also can be repaired by professionals or DIY.  If DIY, it is a lot cheaper.  Watch this and learn how…

The saying: “A stitch in time saves nine” is profoundly true whtires before and afteren it comes to car detailing.  Making your car tires look good…it isn’t hard, just you need to focus on it.  Just like polishing shoes, car tires should look clean and nice.  Look at the difference.

One just has to notice and take the time to clean up the tires, seats, scratches, water marks and wash you car once a week.

But, what to do with the paint.  Paint gets dull and loses life and shine really quickly.  The acid in the rain, the pollutants that cover the paint and the grit, grime and dirt sticks on top.  Because you car builds up all kinds of static charge as it knifes through the air, the positive charges attract all the negative charged dirt, grime and grit.  That is why the pollutants need to be washed off regularly.

Now, for the finale.  Sierra Glow is the car detailing experts for car paint in Malaysia.  No one does it better.  Our professional Paint Restoration Engineers are more knowledgeable and trained.  And, with our Blue Flame Treatment, we have the latest technique to really solve clear coat and paint issues because we take the time to PREPARE the car paint surface for the Blue Flame.  The real kicker is that we focus exclusively on the paint and glass.  That is what we do.  We leave the leather work, the carpet and other car detailing issues to others, so we can concentrate on making your car paint shine.  Because we focus on this, we have mastered the art of paint restoration.  It is simple: No one does it better.

Bring your car in for a free evaluation.



Oxidation is Your Enemy

Oxidation is your car paint’s enemy.  It can attack when your car is sleeping  or wide awake on the open road.  Oxidation works quickly when you have a car paint blemish.  Just like when your skin has a cut or a boil, damage from infection can result.  When your car paint has a blemish, a cut, a  teaultra-shiny-bmwr, a wound, a pimple, a rough patch, a stone chip, a hairline fracture, a burn (well, you get the idea), oxidation will be the result, guaranteed. Unlike your own body, your car paint has no real defenses EXCEPT car coating. The best way for this BMW to stay like this….car coating by Sierra Glow!!!

The damage below the cut can be rude and quick or can be slow and methodological.   Think of these blemish like a cancer…your car paint has 3 to 6 months to live….or may last for 2.  With surgery, radiation and chemo…well, you might heal the problem.  The point is this: a car paint blemish is big trouble and your car needs production.  This post describes the technical causes of oxidation and what you can do about it

Techno Babble:

Oxidation, any oxidechemical reaction in which an atom of an element loses one or more of its electrons to an atom of a different element.

Familiar examples of oxidation include the burning of coal, which is rapid oxidation; and the rusting of iron, which is slow oxidation.oxide 1

The element whose atoms lose electrons during oxidation is said to be oxidized. The other element, whose atoms gain electrons, is called the oxidizing agent. The oxidizing agent is said to be reduced, and the process of gaining electrons is called reduction. Oxidation and reduction always occur simultaneously, and therefore chemists often use the term oxidation-reduction (or redox) when referring to this type of reaction.

If you really don’t know what oxidation is  let’s look at some car paint oxidation examples….

Pretty bad cases are used for demonstration and information purposes, but the reality is that most cars who owners use wax and polish will end up like this…5, 10 or in 15 years.  It is inevitable if one uses wax.  Each time you wax, you are covering a car paint blemish, but you are not solving the problem.  You put a band aid or plaster on the problem, but water, grit, soot, sun, acid rain…all sneak under the band aid and continue to aggravate the problem.

At Sierra Glow, we really don’t like waxing your car.  As it only covers up the underlying problems that are going on with your car.  You need to be able to see the blemishes and not do anything that compromises the integrity of the car paint.  Polishing and Waxing, by definition, interfere with the integrity of the car paint as at minimum, the car paint is slowly warn down by the abrasive rubbing required in the process.  Want your car paint to last, and to shine, and prevent oxidation, car coating by Sierra Glow is your best solution.

Other benefits of our car coating besides eliminating the oxidation process:  you will see water sheeting, lotus effect and hydrophobia…but really all you want is SHINE.  And shine is what you will get with Sierra Glow.

Car Detailing Explained (Part 1)

Most car owners, unfortunately, are not really tuned into car detailing.  What is car detailing?  What does it involve?  How often do I need to detail my car? At Sierraglow, we get a lot of questions “Do I need car detailing?

While there are not hard and fast rules as to the timing for detailing your car, car detailing should be done on all cars and even new cars.  It is better to have detailing done than just let the environment, weather and car washers do their damage month after month, year after year.  In short, cars must go through car detailing when it is time, when there are problems.

The two dirty car photos are extremes, but the microscopic dust and dirt attaches to the car.  If you let it build up, the mess and damage becomes severe.

dirty cardirty car 4dirty car 3


Perhaps it is easiest to describe car detailing by describing what it is NOT.  So, washing your car is not car detailing.  Vacuuming  is not car detailing, and rubbing some wax on your car is not car detailing, and oh, using Window Cleaner on your windscreen and mirrors is not car detailing.  While these activities will make your car look nice and clean…they are not car detailing.  Although all of the above may be involved in professional car detailing services.  So, what is the differences?

Car Detaling is much more than washing or waxing  your car.  When you buy a new car, believe it or not, your car paint actually isn’t in that great a shape.  There are many imperfections in the paint surface.  Their will be rough spots and areas where the clear coat is not so smooth.  We call these “porous imperfections” and a good detailer can take care of these car paint issues.

As a car ages, and within a year, paint can take a heavy beating.  You would be amazed at how our environment wears down our car paint.  Each day a layer of microscopic particles, dusts, chemicals, pollutants sit on top of the car paint.  You might think that these particles would just blow off, but your car builds up an incredible amount of static electricity.  This huge body of metal (your car) thrusting through the wind creates the friction to electrify your car  statically, so that these particles are attracted just like an magnet. The results, the particles are attracted and sit on your car. see video on static electricity.  This is a 5 minute video…and the static electricity only starts 2:18, but it’s Mr. Bean, so laugh and feel uncomfortable for the whole thing…enjoy

Now, throw on top of these particles WATER!  This is similar to having dry dusty ground. When it rains, the ground turns muddy.  On a microscopic level, this is what happens to you car.  If you have made the mistake of waxing your car instead of using a car coating material, then the dust, water and mud become embedded into the wax.  Everytime you wash your car, this mixture is being wiped around with the result of small sharp cuts into the clear coat…

If you move your cloth in a circular motion, you will put razor thin swirls into your clear coat.  These swirls or cuts into the clear coat have now compromised your paint structure, and these hairline scratches will collect more dirt and grit between you washes.  Each month, more damages will be caused from the compromised clear coat. The below photos show swirls and surface scratches into the clear coat.  Many of these are caused by polishing, as the buffers/polishers were simply rotary type (not gear action) and buffers by those without the required experience.  See earlier here.

imagesswirls 3swirls

Although some of these photos are extremes, your car if it does not have car coating, most probably has these swirls and marks.  If your car has been polished by a buffer, the swirls are most likely covered up by the wax on top, but once the wax melts and runs off, the swirls can be easily see.

Swirls and marks if they are not so deep can be reduced or even eliminated, and in the next post, I will write about this process…This is the end of Part 1, next week Part 2.


Acid Rain and Car Paint Problems


Rain does great damage.  Just look at the havoc caused to our roads.  Train and roadhe water splits the road…this is an example of the strength of the rain.  Rain in Malaysia not only cause mass flooding, but also incredible damage to roads.  This we can see on a daily basis as we dodge the holes created by these floods. These potholes are a constant damage, and have you noticed how many more appear during the rainy season.tumblr_m9bultNJBR1rrnn2lo1_500

The rains come down with such force and there is simply no place for the water to go.  That is, the water floods the drains and can’t escape to the streams, rivers and ocean fast enough.  So it builds up and floods the streets and our homes.

But in each rain drop that falls, there are chemicals, toxins and pollutants.  Dependinacid rain graphicsg on your area, the rain can contain a minimal amount to an overwhelming amount of pollutants.  If you live near a factory that emits pollutants, then the rain water falling will contain these pollutants. But, because of wind and sea currents, the jet stream and other forces, pollutants and chemicals can travel great distances.  Look at the Fukushima nuclear disaster and the fall out traveled across the Pacific Ocean.
acid rain car red 1 Car owners know about water marks.  They see them develop, and the appearance can be quick (24 hours) and based on the strength of the chemicals in the water, the effect can be severe quickly.  If the water marks are allowed  to sit on the car, even more damage will quickly be the results.  Within a year, your car can look like this.

acid rain blue

acid rain 2

With a couple of years, your car could look like this.  This is the damage caused by acid rain and other chemicals and pollutants in rain water. Dangerous and damaging!



Although rains in Malaysia are not melting umbrellas, the effects should not be underestimated. In fact, with the recent haze situation caused by massive fires in Indonesia, the rain surely picked up the smoke and the acidic chemicals contained in the smoke.  This acid rain fell on us and continues to fall on us.

The point to this post is simple, rain can be dangerous to your car paint.  After a rain, you should inspect your car and be ready to wash off the rain as it will contain acidic elements. Cars need to be washed often, and even though it has rained, there are strong chemicals that will dry and “etch” into your paint.  You need to get this off.

Also, you really need to protect your clear coat and paint not with wax but car coat.  This gives you protection to your car paint and clear coat…a car coat is what can save your car paint, so call Sierraglow and make your appointment, as Sierraglow offers car coating at affordable prices, and you simply can’t afford not to have car coat on your car.

For those who  want to learn more about acid rain and the eco problems caused, I have included two videos for you.  One is funny.


Still Waxing? Really!

Most car owners polish and wax their cars to generate shine.  This is the traditional process for many.  Every two or three months, take your car in for a wax or do it yourself.  The problem is polishing and waxing cause problems with the clear coat and paint, and over time, the overall appearance deteriorates.swirls

There are many types of waxes in the market and you can find cheap to expensive.  Typically car wax formula consists of carnauba wax along with other beeswax, natural oil and petroleum distillates.  Newer waxes will also contain special resins and polymers to harden the wax.  Waxes can be liquid, paste or spray…but generally paste form is preferred.

Car waxes usually are sticky and tacky.  They also have a low melting point.  Because of this, the wax will wash off in a month or two, and you will need to apply again.  Also, because the wax “wet,” the wax attracts grit, dust and particles to the wax…leaving embedded in the wax small nano particles.  These particles are razon sharp, so when you are washing your car, these particles are being swirled around by your sponge or cloth.  Even if your cloth is clean, swirls and microscopic cuts are the results.wax

 Wax Ingredients

  • Carnauba Wax is from the Brazil Palm Tree.  The wax produces a nice shine, but will not last long, and frequent re-waxing is required.
  • Beeswax is a durable wax found in honeycombs.
  • Natural oils are emollients use to provide added shine and protection, to the paint.
  • Synthetic wax can be created from certain plastics or silicones and is used primarily in auto paint sealants  but produce far less shine.
  • Petroleum distillates are solvents derived from crude oil that make the wax easier to spread and to clean the paint.
  • Resins and polymers are plastic like substances that adhere to the paint surface.

Danger of these products:chemicals danger

One reason that makes car wax and polishers hazardous is due to the active chemical ingredients they contain. Just like the other cleaning agent products, the car polisher and wax are also made from chemical components in order to be efficient. Let’s look at the list of dangers.

Petroleum distillates – these are group of compounds that come from crude oil and are used for solvent purposes. This chemical is responsible in making the distribution of the wax ingredients evenly on the surface of the cars.

Resins and polymers – these are chemicals that are similar to plastic which are responsible in providing the protection on the paint that vehicles have. These active ingredients are also keeping the car safe from dirt, dust, acid wear, and grit.

Teflon – this is another active substance that plays a tremendously significant role in the effectiveness of the car wax since this serve as a paint sealant, which protects the finishing painting of a vehicle.

Remember, these ingredients are put on your car frequently and wash off frequently.  Where do they go?  Most of us have changed our buying habits and become more eco…so we buy biodegradable soap.  Are these biodegradable?  Nope!

How serious a threat?  Just read the warning from this  health warning

Petroleum distillates – these chemicals should not be inhaled or ingested since this will severely affect your body system. This can also cause severe irritation, skin rashes, and dryness to your skin. In order to prevent these horrible things, one must not swallow or inhale this chemical.

The best wax is….sorry, there isn’t one.  No good comes from using wax.  Not good for your car or your health.  You might ask:

What is the alternative?

You might consider several alternatives, but the best car coating is Blue Flame Treatment by Sierraglow.  No mess, no fuss, no more chemicals flushing into our streets and into our drains…and a shine that lasts and last ending the need for polishing and waxing your car.  And best of all, you don’t have to pay for the wax or waste your time doing it several times a year.  Enjoy your holidays!Hammock8




Car Coating: Tale of 2 Cars

Just look at the two cars, side by side.  Hard not to be impressed with Sierraglow…  It looks like the two cars are of different color, but Hyundai only had offered one shade of red.  The car on the right is no longer red.


I apologize first as I have already posted about this car before.  This Hyundai Coupe is 15 years old and just looks great.  We applied the first generation of Sierraglow (SG1) in 2007.  So, the paint has been protected since then, and even after 8 years, the car is often the best looking car in the parking lot.  It just shines.

Mr. Choong has done some re-grooming, and the washing techinques are always the two bucket wash.  The owner also knows how to use the clay bar.  But, nothing special, basic good care of the car.  The back fender and the passenger door has been resprayed, but nothing special except Sierraglow.  The shine is genuine and the water beading is still good.

When you compare the two cars, ask yourself one question:  Which one will get a higher price when sold?  The difference would be a few thousand ringgit I am sure, so Sierraglow is a great investment!!


This post is to visual show what happens if you use Sierraglow versus the visual evidence of using polish and wax.  Many think waxing is the way to protect your car paint.  Before car coating, car owners used wax.  But, now we have new technology, and Sierraglow has Blue Flame.  Take a look at this shine.


What does a 15 year old car look like without car coating?

The next photos are of a 15 year old Hyundai Coupe.  This car is in bad shape as the owner made the common mistake of polishing and waxing. A picture is worth a thousand words…and in this case, these photos say it all.


Many people have problems in thinking ahead, planning for the future.  Many of us only own a car for a few years and then trade in and buy a new one.  It is simply difficult to plan into the future, and since most of us don’t keep cars for more than a few years, we just polish and wax when our car paint looks flat.


The  right fender has been resprayed, but if you look at the hood, you can see the damage caused by polishing/waxing and the rough Malaysian environment.

At Sierraglow, we stress the importance of washing your car correctly.  Using a neutral PH shampoo is very important, and making sure that your micro cloth is CLEAN.  We recommend the two bucket wash system (see website post).  If you scratch the clear coat with improper washing techniques and you polish/wax, the results are clearly seen above and below this sentence.