Car Paint is Delicate

It is so easy to damage car paint.  Even a finger nail can do it…just check around your door handles. Car paint needs protection and wax and polishes just don’t protect.  While there is no car coat that will stop a bullet or eliminate damage from a stone chip (don’t believe it if unethical salesman tell you such fantasy), car coating can give you some degree of protection.  If you add Blue Flame treatment under the car coat and you use the latest car coating, Luminosity, from Sierra Glow, you have great protection.  Moreover, we warranty this for 10 years!  Take a look…

Sierra Glow Careers

Considering work in the automotive industry…the growth subset is car coating and paint restoration.  You might want to consider working for us.  We are always on the look out for quality people…and we are expanding fast.  With outlets and workshops in Malaysia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Canada, Thailand and Indonesia, Sierra Glow is really on the move.  Come on aboard.

Water and Sierra Glow

Water is dangerous to car’s paint.  Most rain water is acidic and if left on your car, the rain will leave water marks.  But, Sierra Glow protects car paint with our SG 6 or Luminosity car coating…so your paint won’t become dull and water marks are easily eliminated.  The paint stays protected.  Take a look at this video and learn about the benefits of Sierra Glow


Oxidation: Enemy of Car Paint

Oxidation and degradation of your car paint can rapidly take place if your clear coat is damaged.  Don’t ever let this happen.  The best way to protect your clear coat is with SG 6 or Luminosity by Sierra Glow.  These car coating chemicals really protect, and we provide either a 5 year or a 10 year warranty.  These warranty include touch ups if panels get damaged.  We will touch up up to 3 car panels…so we can keep your car looking great even if you have a little damage.

Sierra Glow is the only company with SG6 and Luminosity which provide a 98.5% pure car coating.  Smell our coating, no chemical smell, just sweet car coating.  We wear no masks AND are coating dries within 10 minutes.  We never you infra lamps to harden anything as we have no thickener, emulsifiers or hardeners in our car coating.  Why don’t we have these?  We don’t need them…our car coating is pure.  Therefore, it protects and protects as it goes on thick and smooth.

Luminosity SG7 is here.

This is a must see video from Sierra Glow.  It is the first of 3 short, funny and informative videos about our new car coating, Luminosity.  Remember this name, Luminosity,  it is a game changer in the car coating industry.  You will be hearing a lot about it…as it works in tandem with Blue Flame creating the best water sheeting and shine for your car.

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