Blue Flame Contest

The contest Sierra Glow is hot.  But, the number 87,600 is not yet solved.  The question is how is this number connected to the announcement coming  from Sierra Glow.  This is a short video to give you a hint.  We will do more video hints, if we still don’t have a winner.  Come on…you can … More Blue Flame Contest

MyVi goes Sierra Glow

This MyVi just radiates after the Sierra Glow Treatment.  A small Malaysian manufactured car, the MyVi is incredibly popular.  They have a lot of brillant colours, and generally young Malaysians are buying the cute MyVi is great numbers.  But like all cars, the MyVi needs protection, and the best protection is Sierra Glow. All cars … More MyVi goes Sierra Glow

Water Marks Gone

Water Marks are a constant threat to your car paint.  All is required is water and sun…and these two natural elements can really cause damage.  Rain or hard water (from washing) left on your car under a blazing sun will create water marks.  Sun and Rain or more likely rain and sun…this causes the marks … More Water Marks Gone